How do you change your diaper? Standing up or laying down?

Where did you come from?
I am sure I went to bed in a white diaper, with cool cars and ninja warriors! I would never wear a pink diaper. I am a boy you know?
And how did you get so wet???

After a week without diaper, it’s nice to come home and get diapered again...

B..... ????
Betterdry??? Baby diaper????
What is this??

Inspired by @maxdl - i changed my morning diaper to a tiepant. Wonderfull to be able to work from home diapered like a baby, and with my pacifier clipped to my onezie :)

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For those who don't know.. I really like toddler socks. Actually any socks. But fun toddler socks are da best !!!

Considering which diaper to wear for Christmas party...

First time in Tykables. I really like these diapers ​:diaper_wet:​​:diaper_wet:​😃😃

Which diaper is the best, with only 1 tape in each side?

If he wear diapers?
No, I don’t think so. He is a big boy.....​:nappy:​😉

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