I'm going to be an uncle and I am unsure on how to process that, so I'm high.

Technically I will be a warlock, not an uncle. I am too queer to be limited to a single mortal gender, I am too extra to accept a mundane title, and I'm spooky as shit. So warlock.

@Enochtopus but a soggy warlock though, and would being soggy effect your magic?

@The_pope believe it or not it has the opposite effect. Because of an Ancient Mystical Secret (that I’ve sworn to not share on social media) whenever my butt is in diapers my spells practically fly off the page.

@Enochtopus the mighty padded Knight and the soggy warlock 😂a true force to be reckoned with

@The_pope this sounds like the beginning of the best dnd party ever. I suppose my patron would be an archfae associated with the fountain of youth.

@Enochtopus I think the party might be too OP for dnd but we could certainly defend the fountain of youth pretty well, and maybe fall in :3

@The_pope but if we fell in we couldn’t defend it as well! Cause spashies and nap time.

@Enochtopus well sometimes sacrifices must be made, if we fell both fell in I think we would need a daddy to take care of the mighty hero's

@The_pope i kinda feel the archfae of the fountain would be willing to be a dada

@Enochtopus we would be forever youthful, maybe a little to youthful as we would never grow out of diapers. But I think I'd be OK with that, we could still be mighty hero's when playtime comes along

@The_pope haha agreed. I wouldn’t mind growing up (and then going in the fountain as need be) but considering the babyish origin of our powers I’d imagine potty training would be too much unnecessary work.

@Enochtopus I think as a padded knight and soggy warlock we would be unable to be potty trained and even with all the magic in the world would still require diapers

@The_pope that is my theory as well. Which works for me because diapees are great :)

@Enochtopus they are great, I like when I've had them On for a while in bed so I'm kinda sweaty I can use them as a hat :3

@Enochtopus or the our goal would be learn how to use the potty before we run out of diapers and we have to overcome challenges like nap time and soggyness

@The_pope i feel like that could be a pervious goal, warlocks get their power primarily from their patron so as a soggy warlock I’d have to surrender magic. If its a warm diapee with potential rashes against the incredible splendor of magic I think i’ll just pee myself lol. Your knight could have tried to wrestle my continence from the fountain keeper but, well I’m sure you can imagine what happened if you’re the padded knight

@Enochtopus Hehe I mean without all my thick padding from my diapers I would be pretty vulnerable to attacks as well, so I think actually we could just stick by the fountain of youth and have a fun time :e

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