Huh, there are now ABDL scammers, its one thing to be scammed but its completely different to be scammed while in littlespace, it really hurts, it really hurts badly.

I’m going to look at some fun pics and posts from the community to get those bad feelings to go bye bye

Meet Mystic (left) and Spirit (right) the newest members of me and Maple’s Plushie Posse. Today we are hoping to learn more about one another ^.^

Hope everyone is having a super awesome fun night of all the bestest things, me and the Plushy Posse are going to play DARK SOULS cause I’m a serious tough boy *super serious face*

Today is a special day so I’m wear an Alpaca diapee my friend gave me, i’ve had it for half a year waiting for the right time :p

er πŸšΌπŸΌπŸ”πŸ¦Š @EchoFox
When your not sure whether to put a disposible or cloth on so you just wear on of each. Thank goodness for sweat pants, they can hide everything.... right? 😬

Might need something thicker then just training pants... also im glad i atleast wore brown :/

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