I tooks a colour time break and drew a bunny day dreaming about Elmo ^.^

Also heres a picture of a tiny baby bunny me and Rose saw a few days ago, arent they adorable, they are so cute and tiny 😍😍😍😍😍

On our walk today me and Rose learned all the early morning birds just dont give a poopy how big you are they will hold their ground to eat XD also i saw a bunny ^.^

I drew a bee to wind down before bedtime, i also gave him a hat and sun glasses cause it helps protect them from the sun ^.^
Ok i go sleep now NIGHT NIGHT

On our walk me and Rose found a honey bee, i never seen one in person before I have only seen the big fuzzy bumblebees but today I got to see a honey maker ^.^ bzzzzz

Good morning all, now ima listen to Mickey’s Morning show while I get in the shower and then me and Rose are going for our walkie :D
We all hope everyone is having a great day :D

Tadays Iz BATMAN it makes doing work like playing a game ^.^ it alsos helpzes me be more Big and not so wittle but Maple says thats a fib but BATMAN never fibs ^.^

So i was upset this morning, but I remembered: I has rock

Whats everyone’s happy archetypal cave person face?

Its taken a while but the first srs snow has arrived in southern Lake Huron

I think singing might actually be kind of fun. This is new

Macro, Diapers, Vore? 

Intense urge to scoop some tiny 'cars' up with my hands and turn 'vroom vrooms' into 'boom booms'

Get yourself a boy who knows his way around and needs frequent butt pats for motivation

This is me all clean ^.^
Im in a cloth diapee now and Maple said that they are essentially big boy undies just a bit ticker ^.^

I was a big boy for atleast 30mins but then i made a tiny big boy stinky and had to clean up >.<

I’m gonna try wearing big boy undies ^.^
Maple said its a bad idea but I’ll show him ^.^

Me and Maple had the bestest snuggle time this morning ^.^
Poody we had to get up >.< but Maple said he would be upset if we snuggled in to late, he likes his early morning coffee :p

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