Alright. So for the last poll, everyone voted overwhelmingly for Little Pawz! That's amazing! Fun Fact: It was 1 of my favorite diapers before Bunny Hops came along. As for the bibs... It looks like Lil Kink, Rearz, Etsy & Big Tots all tied. So I'll probably get bibs from all 4 of those places. ...Or just pick my preferred one.

It looks like the winner of last poll was ABU! Which diaper brand should I get from them?

Where should I get my new bib from?

Where should I get my next (case) of diapers from?

Nappy 2nd anniversary, ABDL.Link! Thank you SOOO much, @james for making a site where I can feel safe with my friends! And now, I'll do what I did last year & ask what kind of diapers I'll get to celebrate!


New GIVEAWAY time!

To participate:
🐾 Follow THIS account!
🐾 Retweet THIS tweet!
🐾 No giveaway accts!

One winner will receive a full color small scene featuring 1-char with bg.

Giveaway ends May 15th at 8PM CST!

See below for art examples (first image is most recent)!



Who is your favorite dragon?🐉

(If you chose Other, let me know in an answer. There are sooooooo many cool dragons^^)

With 20% off using code 20OFF let's get these thirsty Monsters some new homes! We're giving away a pack of Monsters every week throughout April and May, share now to be in with a chance of winning yours! 🚼

I'm all sissied up for Valentines's Day! I even have my little partner with me too. 😊

Nappy Valentine's Day! (Or kissy day as I sometimes call it)


ReBlog if you think diapers are the best underwear

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