Nothing says “big baby” like being trapped in a high chair. 💁‍♂️

It was Gible Community Day that day, so I decided to get as many Gibles as I could for the platinum ground & dragon medal & here was my 1st shiny Gible! Also, baby tootsies!

Me having my dindin on the left & me squishing my wet diapee on the right~

Here's some pictures of me when I had the house all to myself for a whole day! (More to come soon.)

Here's the very 1st time I went peepee & poopie in my sissy diapee! 😊

🍼 "It's almost time for little boy's nap time!"

"But I don't wannaarrrrrglubglub..."

**4 hours later**

"Now who had a nice long snooze?" :baby_dummy:

Oh my god... I did it! I actually did it! I went & bought diapers from a physical ABDL store instead of online!

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