@lilprincepatch A big enough changing table. Every little, but especially every daddy’s, dream!

@foibledboi Silly. You didn’t go potty, little one. You went pee pee in your diapey! The curious thoughts of littles continue to make me smile!

@lowstar Yes, super dry kid on the diaper but not in the diaper. The curious thoughts of littles always make me smile.

@Ababyboy Cute photo. Looks like you needed a change before bed, though. This one looks pretty well used already!

@Ababyboy good morning little one. Looks like you are starting off your day right!

@abysitter @tomtom @Aboimikey @Lakhota @Raptor1986 Super adorable in every way! Who was the first to need a diaper change?

@Ababyboy absolutely! These are my favorite diapers to put on littles!!

@dldude81 nice diaper drawer! Hehe. What are the diapers in the middle of the upper drawer? (To the left of the space).


@thekinkygrad what diapers are these? Super cute!

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New Post - Diapers at the Gym. And a massive thanks to @miamiabdl for permission to use his photos!


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