Whelp, I'm back!
Got a new phone awhile back and couldn't log back in here. But now I'm back and will probably post some pics from the last year or so.

So I’m gonna be on vacation at the cape all next week (7/27-8/2). Not sure if I will have a ton of free time but I know I’ll have some time to myself and my car so if possible maybe some diapered hang outs with people? I know I’d love to go to Ptown diapered but would hate to go alone

Diapers, abdl 

From last weekend with daddy, spent the whole weekend with him since it was his birthday

Abdl, Wet Diapers, Pup Play 

Pics from after an ABDL party I went to. Showed up at Daddy’s the next morning super soaked. I got a new paci clip and Daddy had me in my mits and collar for a bit of pup play. Can’t wait for the next party and the next time I see Daddy

Abdl, morning diaper, wet, messy 

Woke up and wet my diaper then wasn’t in them for an hour before I had to mess. Felt so awesome but I couldn’t stay in it long. Here’s hoping I can wear again soon

Abdl, diapered night 

Since I have the house to myself tomorrow, at least for the morning. I’m spending the night diapered. Let’s see if I wake up more wet than I go to bed

Abdl diaper, wet, messy 

Spent Sunday with daddy. Ended it soggy and messy. So good to be diapered and see him again.

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Abdl, diaper day 

Have the day to wear again, may be messy soon and I still have till 3 until I can change.

Abdl wet diaper 

Spent last weekend with daddy and had lots of fun, stayed in my Dino pjs all visit so I was very comfy.

Abdl, full diapers / lucky 

So the invasion last weekend was amazing. So awesome I could see some of my friends I haven’t in forever. No photos in the place though so here’s pics of me the morning after when I was at my Daddies. I was super wet and messy so it was really awesome.
I’m also very lucky because the car in front of me got broken into during the event. And I wouldn’t have had much explanation for my folks as to why I was down there

I’m heading off to the littles invasion this weekend in Hartford CT. If you are going shoot me a message and I’ll be sure to hang out with you there

Abdl, diaper day part 3 

Just before I changed out of these. Super soggy and two rounds of messy. Was so amazing to know I was driving around in a full diaper and talking to people in stores and all that. I think this proves I’d be alright wearing more often around people. Here’s hoping I can in the future.

Abdl, diaper day 

So today was tons of fun. I went out to get diapers, didn’t find the brands I wanted but still ended up with two packs from different brands and a 3 pack of plastic pants. Got to love medical supply stores
Anyway the great part of today is wetting a lot while out and about and messing my diapers in the parking lot of wallmart. It was so amazing and I had to drive back home in them!!!

Abdl diaper day 

Well I started out my diapered Wednesday not half an hour ago and I’m already in a wet little paws, plastic pants, onesie and mittens and booties. And I’m gonna head out in a few hours to go see about buying more diapers. Here’s hoping the people at the store can tell I’m diapered and direct me to the right diapers for a big baby like me.

Abdl, diapered day
So I’m gonna have the house to myself tomorrow and daddy says I should diaper up. I don’t wanna use up my abdl diapers whenever I have these rare free days so I’m thinking about getting some Abenas tomorrow. Anyone know any stores I can get them from in MA, USA?

Abdl, diapers, wet and messy 

End of my diapered day last week. 1st time messing a diaper in this house. I was so worried about clean up & smell because I messed at around noon & I’d need to have the house fully clean & smell free by 5. So of course I spent like an hour enjoying my messy soggy diapers 😊. Can’t wait for Friday when I go and visit Daddy for the weekend & can wear again. Gonna try & get through as many diapers as I can, here’s hoping daddy will help it along with lots of water

Abdl, diapers 

Last week I took lots of pictures but I didn’t post them all yet. These are from middle of the day. I wet and wore abdl clothes while inside my childhood home and it felt awesome.

Abdl. Diaper day 

Got a rare day with the house to myself so daddy had me diaper up. Gonna be wearing until 3pm EST. Anyone have any ideas for stuff I should do or pics I should take?

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