October the 12th, the twelfth day of being locked and the twelfth day of waking up in a poofy crinkly wet diaper. 🥰

Day 9 of locktober. Still going strong! My actual record in chastity is 10 days, I'm definitely going to set a new personal record.

Also I just got me bottle, I'm really enjoying this🥰

@Hampshirebaby well I hope you won't be naughty till weekend 😏

About to make these paws on my padding disappear 🤷🏼‍♂️

@sfdlguy thanks! I'm doing fine! Chilling on the couch after some pizza.🍕

How are you?

Boyfriend decided that I'm not allowed to touch my diaper anymore 😳

Going on a Isle of Armor Safari while wearing... a Safari diaper!

@Littleivo I really agree with that! Imho many ABDL diapers are just too full/crowded with different colors and images.

I really like the baby-ish look of these diapers. My peepee is still locked 🔐 so all I can do with it is wetting these pampers. 😌

It has been a long time since I worn drynites. They aren't really great when it comes to absorbency, but I do think they look sexy. 😏

Btw, I'm locked as well.🔐🙊

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