Hey everyone, I'm really embarrassed to be posting this but I'm in need of some help due to recent events. Any donation or share will be greatly appreciated.

Chilling in my undies but still padded in case of an accident....... it is wet

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Today I have been remember the last year and how fast it was past. When I'm honest it's scared me a bit how fast the time runs through my fingers and I can't keep them.
I'm working really much. Usually I get up very early and go to work. When I'm finished work I go home make my sport, eat dinner, watch a bit TV and go to bed when I get sleepy. Day by day the same shit. Seconds become to minutes, minutes become to hours, hours become to days...

I told Daddy I needed a diaper before bed.... He said no... I won't be surprised in the mornin, he might be.

πŸ‘¦πŸ» Hii everyone!! I just wanna say how awesome i think this place is. And i would like to thank you soo much for being part of that! πŸ’–

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