Well protected for work this afternoon :D

So, a video of me in this diaper while repairing my swingrope ? Reblog to see that happening :D

When it’s time for lunch, but you’re still busy hunting for treasure in the pirate cave with Bearemy McFlufferton... p.s. @Diaperdboy they finally arrived 😍

Daddy: You wear a pull-up and you always manage to wet the bed. If that's not enough, we'll move on to something thicker.

Someone once told me that you should never buy beer for a bear, unless it can prove that it’s over 10.


IKEA propose 6 plans pour construire des cabanes et des forts à la maison! 

I know the article is in French. But IKEA assembly guides have no language associated.

So here is how to do a Förtress or a cåve 👶


Changed my mind, big boy jammies with little boy padding. Night bigs and littles 🥳 :diaper:

there’s going to be a -abdl-party on 18th April at -Underground in Munich.

who’s coming? 😍 i’m preregistering now !!!

Me: Can I have one more marshmallow?
Daddy: you’ve had enough!
Me: pleeease Daddy!!!!! 😭
Daddy: fine, but just one more!

Voor al mijn Nederlandse volgers:
Ik zou het heel leuk vinden als jullie een kijkje kwamen nemen op dit nieuwe forum: abdlforum.nl/

Dit forum begint nu langzaam van de grond te komen, het aantal aanmeldingen loopt laatste paar dagen al aardig op. De site ziet er strak uit en is ook goed responsive.

Ik hoop jullie daar als lid te mogen verwelkomen!😉

Wet floor ahead 

Uh oh, squidgy feeling between my legs, can mean only one thing!!!!! :diaper_wet: :pika: *runs and hides

Sometimes, no matter how much you think you’ve grown up, you just need some cuddle time with misterbeertje 🥰 :gay_furr:

@amsterdad hi Daddy, I just wanted to say thanks again for such an awesome weekend with you. I really enjoyed going to hear the choir with you, and then my bath with the duckies and evil spitty froggie 😍 and then the bestest dinner ever!!!!! Hope to do it again soon with you. Heel veel knuffeltjes from meeeeeee 😎☺️ xx

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