But Daddy, I don’t wanna be a big boy today…

🚂 Me and Jelle were casually sitting on the train, when all of a sudden, a package appears out of nowhere, addressed to Jelle 📦 .

🧐 I wonder what’s in it?
You’d better open it and seen

🧣Ooh look! It’s a new bow tie from a friend in Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 !

Doesn’t it look adorable on Jelle! And look how happy he looks with it on!

🧸 Such a dapper bear!

Did your bears get any new clothes or mysterious packages delivered to them?

Passed out on the rug while watching tv yesterday night and woke up to this! 😡 Daddy said he wasn’t sending the rug for dry cleaning again...

UPDATE 3: Got into my 2nd customized diaper after bath. This time a different diaper (Rearz Inspire Select). I love single tape diapers, but I noticed right away that the tapes would lose their grip like the previous diaper.

I got my super glue again and 'sealed my fate'. 😊 That resulted in not the best tape job, but it's firm.

Already wet on the picture but despite the lower absorbency still no leak.

I love these so much that I started a quest for diapers that are better suitable 😍 🧐

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I'm having so much fun in my Camelot, booster, and large Galactic that I just couldn't keep it to myself. Stay diapered, my friends.

Help, I feel so little! :baby_dummy:

Testing my own customized diapers right now. I just LOOOOVE the look and feel of these Pampers Baby Dry (always have) 😍.

At first sight, the tapes don't have the best hold on the 'cotton feel' surface. We"ll see how they'll do during the day.

Of course, I'll be walking around the house without pants - just like any toddler should during summer ^^ - to spot any leaks.

I already just love how it feels and even smells... To be continued.

Hey everyone. Kinda new here. Checking out the world. More of a little here.. 35m, USA


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