Any Daddys in Maryland? Its so hard changing my own diaper by myself.

Me, diapered and locked until daddy comes home. 🔒 Hopefully he decides to change me 🥲😫

I tried being a big boy yesterday, and totally failed. Walked home in poopy pants…

Waking up wishing a daddy was changing my wet diaper

I didn’t make a stinky in my pamps this morning, so that means I’m a big boy, right?

I look like such a big boy! Nobody can tell I’m double diapered

But Daddy, can’t we please watch Paw Patrol?!

Waking up in a wet and messy diaper is the best feeling ever!! Especially when my paci is near by.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: "The Full Diaper/Full Battery Tour of America" 🔌 :diaper_wet:

How long again do we have to wait until going in the water? Oh, until my diaper is ready to be changed? Ok give me a sec...

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