All I need is a little boy to lay on the folded terry nappy so I can get him ready for bed, any volunteers?

@DaddaG I'll do it 😳👋🏼 It does almost bedtime for me 😋

@TeddynHislittle I would be happy to pin the nappy on you and get you ready for bed young man!

@DaddaG Here, ba I just needed take get up for toddler-group.

Ba is snuggles part of it too?

@nighty Normally lots of cuddles, a bottle and sometimes a story too are what I love to do for a boy at his bedtime.

@DaddaG I really could've used all of that the last evenings.

@nighty its nice when someone does that for you, the toddler boy in me loves to be put to bed this way and a story makes it magical!

@DaddaG well instead I had sadness and gloomy mood. I'm rather desperate for some snuggly little time

@Hampshirebaby Lay down on the nappy and I will get you all ready for bed.

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