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Australian AB/DL / Ageplay convention Kangacon 2020 is now officially launched & open for bookings. Please visit our website, to register for the event. See fetlife event
:blobaww: :pika: :diaper_wet: :dummy: 🤗😄👶🍼🆎🚼🎉🎊🎆

Flights are booked, I am heading over to Canada, UK and US in September and October, I will be with my little Chris for the Canada and part of the time in the UK, we will be visiting Toronto, TOMKAT, Manchester , London and I will be heading over to the US to attend Teddycon. I cant wait to meet the friends I have made over the last few years and meeting some new people, see soon fellas!!

My first ever onesie, I feel such a toddler wearing this to bed.

What a fantastic weekend together with two of my little boys.

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Me and two of my beautiful little boys, I have a beautiful family of boys!

Early picture of me with one of my sweet little boys.

All I need is a little boy to lay on the folded terry nappy so I can get him ready for bed, any volunteers?

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I went camping on Antarctica and built a snow fort to sleep in! Penguins came to visit and looked in! Now, I've been camping on all seven continents! Have you ever slept in a snow fort before?

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