4 Stages of Diaper 💩ing by Baby Tugs:

Stage 1: Realization; “Uh-Oh! Poopie!😲”
Stage 2: Helpless; “...uh..uh..😣”
Stage 3: Acceptance; “...uh...oh...Oh Yeah...☺️”
Stage 4: Relief; “Ah...Nice😌”

Time for Sleepies. Diapered up :diaper: in my Race Car bed 🏎️ with my Blankie. Sweet Dreams! 🌙

When me Kala go to the pwaygwand, I like to slide and show her it not as scary as she fink it is.

Makes perfect sense to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing in a Space Diaper 🌕 by ABUniverse Stay Diapered and Happy 😃 on the Moon

Kala came over to play! I showed here my new toy truck I got for by birfday! She shows me her blankie plush dolly. Had lots of fun!

What's special about this ? 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall Riots. What's special about it for me? I discovered I'm Bi-Sexual. Life's lessons never stop. Time to Fly My Colors 🌈 Diapered Diapered :diaper: and Happy 😀 More happy than you could possibly know.

I'm Tree! I'm Tree! I turned tree years old! My nanny baked me a cake! 🎂 Nanny Rosie changed me into clean :diaper: with special stickers so eatin' the cake is fun from where it starts 🍰 to where it ends 💩 Gonna have party soon! Nanny Rosie says I can play with da toys with the small parts now! No other babies can do dat! Wait til' da big kids see! I show my bestest friend Kala when she come over to play!

I always said I was a 3 year old baby 🍼 Took quiz to see. One said preschool but mostly baby. One said 2-4 year old toddler. The other says 3-4 years old. I can't potty. I need :diaper: Can't be 4. Must be 3 years old. I knew it. Baby not big kid. Why potty when I've got I'll stay Diapered :diaper: and Happy 😀

This is the result for the I got on quotev.com. I'm a 2-4 year old toddler. Toddler needs his :diaper: so most likely not 4. Another case for 3 years old. Though maybe 2.


Hiya! Just a heads up here, as a way of thanking the for 1000 followers on Twitter, I'm holding a FREE ! So if anyone here wants to get in, go to my Twitter page.

@babiedboi I gave my reply to @GoSuperMarcus on Twitter too. Here's mine on the spectrum. Wish I could say 100% AB but not quite there yet. I'm more at 75% AB. Gotta be honest. Right?

Meet My : Willy. A 3 year old Bear Cub with !!! Likes to have I like to think that our Fursonas not only as our alter egos, but also alter egos living a parallel life in another dimension. You know, like in TMNT. Stay Diapered :diaper: and Happy 😀
Artwork by Blankie (Twitter: @BlankiePlush)


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