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@babiedboi I gave my reply to @GoSuperMarcus on Twitter too. Here's mine on the spectrum. Wish I could say 100% AB but not quite there yet. I'm more at 75% AB. Gotta be honest. Right?

Meet My : Willy. A 3 year old Bear Cub with !!! Likes to have I like to think that our Fursonas not only as our alter egos, but also alter egos living a parallel life in another dimension. You know, like in TMNT. Stay Diapered :diaper: and Happy 😀
Artwork by Blankie (Twitter: @BlankiePlush)

When I see an show a great example of being a Diaper Bearer and/or User, I tag them with the hashtag !!! I love telling littles they've got :diaper: Power! We need more of it.

Hiya Diapered Dudes and Dudettes! Littles and Bigs alike. It's my Been in the for a bit, mostly on Twitter. Glad I found ABDL.link. Many other sites have been disappointing. To start, I'm a strait male who wears :diaper:
24/7. I like to 💦 & 💩 my Diapers. Will tell of myself more as time goes on, but I'd like to get to know you guys. Jedi say "May the Force Be with You ⚡ " Trekkies say, "Live Long and Prosper 🖖 " My Motto is, "Stay Diapered :diaper: and Happy 😀"


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