Preparing for my padded long weekend, by shaving my nappy area fully for the first time ever in front and behind. Feels so good, can't wait to get padded as soon as I get off the plane Thursday evening - gonna do it before I get my taxi and throw my boxers in the bin.

Been aching all week to get a nice comfy diaper taped up between my legs

Day 6 of 24/7 - did quite a bit of driving today, the nappy definitely helped and made it.much more comfy 👍

Nappy check - first time I have wet the on like that and stayed out and about in my wet nappy. Enjoyed it, gonna keep this one on this afternoon and try to wet some more

So about 3 metres away from me there a group of teen lads, Calvin Klein waistbands showing above their joggers etc and then there is me walking behind them, a fully grown guy wearing a pink nappy concentrating on wetting it as I walk😇

The only way to be padded - no yucky undies hiding anything

Been looking forward to dropping the boxers on the hotel floor and padding up full time for the next few days. Loving my pink Northshore too - feels so comfy

Looking forward to going on holiday next Thursday. Plan is to take minimal pairs of boxers for only on the planes + 1 or 2 spares and then spend most the rest of the time padded, gonna order from Amazon Tuesday so the nappies are sat in the Amazon locker when I arrive at the hotel. Thinking peekabu and want to try some pink Northshores.

Been a while but feeling so good to be in a nappy again, especially a peekabu

Step One... Get out of the adult undies... Step 2... Slip on something more appropriate for a Friday evening 😇

First ABU Space diapy after a busy week of adulting at work

Not worn one of these in ages 😍😍 Trying to go 48 hours padded now

24 hours padded complete, time for a bath and then I think a nice fresh nappy as a reward for doing so well

Before and after. Would Love to have someone able to help me out of my undies, cut them up and put me in something more appropriate

Swapped the black AE boxer briefs for a bit of pink tonight

First nappy in 3 weeks so had to do it right and de-adult myself first... Feels so good

Been padded a full 24 hours. Bath and then time to pop another nappy on

**pulls trousers and boxers down and covers my willy with my t-shirt** 🤭🤭

So far today I've driven my mum to work, gone for breakfast, been down the harbour, to the chemist, the supermarket, the garage and fixed my mum's car all with a nice comfy nappy on . Trying to make the most of not working and wearing as much as I can this week

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