Wearing properly today, no boxers to hold my nappy in place

First Little Kings for me today, padded for my 3 hour drive down to Edinburgh

Traditional holiday ritual... Boxers off, nappy on has happened

Nappy check behind some well positioned bushes.... Am a little wet 🤭

Ready for a day out and about around London 👍

Pleased with myself this afternoon for wetting on the go and keeping my wet nappy on rather than taking it off immediately. First wetting happened on the bus 3 hours ago, most recent one 15 minutes ago in the hotel lift with 3 other people

So that's 5 nights and 3 days nappied now, starting to feel abnormal when I can't wear, but should be padded all the way to Saturday now

Have been padded for the past 4 nights and 2 out of the last 4 days... No flights or anything now until Saturday so going to try and go 24/7

Time to put my nappy on for tonight now I've had my bath

The first thing I did when I got to my hotel room... (I cut all my big boy hair down and shaved my shaft and balls the other night so I was ready too.

First nappy in 3 weeks going on soon, but first I think I need some nakey time

Been a stressful week at work, cannot wait to have a bath and get a nappy on tonight... Can already feel a bit of a wet spot forming in my boxers 🤭🤭

The time has come to make sure I stay in my nappies for the next 5 days, all encouragement welcome

So the aim between 8pm last night and Wednesday 5 January is to be in nappies as much as possible. Only exception should be x2 days of work and going through the airport on Thursday night (so less than 24 hours total out of 10 days). Will see how I get on

Padded weekend going well, nice and relaxed... Had this little guy hiding under my jeans since this morning

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