A modification improving an original classic. Absolutely brilliant! youtu.be/atXIKI2XHj4

Thank you, @james, thank you for your hard work, dedication, and what must undoubtedly be a lot of time running this ad-free site dedicated to celebrating who we are. Thank you, Patrons, for financially supporting this site. Thanks also to all content contributors. And a big thanks to everyone who stops by to read every day or just every now and then. Thanks everyone! Without all of us, surely there would be none of us. Stay padded my friends :)

First posted padded pic :) -Dry Bambino Bianca Ultra with 1 booster

Learning the ropes but am posting something my first time logging on to abdl.link. In the year that I was on tumblr, I never felt comfortable enough to post anything. Way cool :)


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