Took my best plushie friend and glitched them some

Yesterday had to wear a leaky diaper for a long time and eat a bunch of yucky baby food rest of the day was uneventful

Yesterday momma sent me out to the store to get stuff for the week and she made me wear my paw patrol shirt an paci under my mask I was an embarrassed baby. Also I'm going to be doing baby stuff all week so if anyone wants to send diaper checks I'm happy to comply

What kind of baby plans do we have today?

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@Hampshirebaby Stay safe people. Remember the basics. Don't give out personal information. If you're meeting up with somebody online make sure somebody you trust knows where you are. And don't share banking details/paypal/etc with people.

If you're part of this community you are a target. People will try to take advantage of you because they know it's hard to create genuine connections with people with similar interests. TALK TO THEM. 9/10 you will figure them out.

I got this baba today and it's really nice already one of my faves I think why it's so good is because with the design it has the nipple doesn't deflate like other baby bottles also Soo cute I might have to get one of all three

Diaper pail is full guess I got to take it out!

Had to get a good snoof and took it out to the dumpster wearing diaper loading onesie and shortalls per momma's request

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Tuesday was dino day, big brother @thatbabyboy ! So I put on my dino diapee and got together with my dino and dragon friends, but then got distraced by something outside🤣
Had a soggy dino bum in the morning🦖

Gross dinner time 

Momma said because I leaked I had to eat out of for dinner. Dinner I cooked us some food then mine got blended and had it dropped in my old diaper. Was pretty good wish I could have had it normal *shrugs*

Lots of wet diapers 

Spend some time as a pail pupper

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