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It’s been an eventful month for me so far! I met other AB/DLs in person for the first time and have had a handful of play dates with some exceptionally welcoming and fun people. I’ve also started dating a non-AB/DL who is not only a great person, but also very cool about my AB/DL side and genuinely curious to learn more.

In other words - lots to smile about! I’m feeling so authentic lately, so free to be myself, and I’m happy to share that with all of you, too! ❤️

Two things I've learned about myself since I've started meeting regularly with local AB/DLs - my Little side totally loves being the center of attention, and I have more of a thing for being bratty than I thought. 😇 😈

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The last couple weeks have been waaaay too busy for this baby, but owl's well that ends well! 🦉

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My big kid clothes are in the laundry at the moment, so of course that's the best excuse to be little. 🦄

Can you tell I'm padded under my skirt? 🙈

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I believe I had on a ABU Lavender in this pic. I love ❤️ the scent that came with these diapers 🚼 Throwback Pictures #109

I just got back from my first ever meetup with other AB/DLs.

I was padded and wearing a onesie in a room full of other littles, pups, and daddies.

I was changed into a diaper for the first time since I was an actual baby - and into a fresh one before I had to leave.

I left with lots of hugs, diaper pats, and smiles all around.

It was everything I thought it would be. ❤️ I can't wait to go back!

It’s official - I’m meeting a local Daddy and his little (and possibly one or two others) for a game night tomorrow evening. I’m bringing cookies, a couple games, a positive attitude...and a bag with my padding and some little things.

It’s really going to happen. I’ve wanted to meet others in person for so long, and now that it’s finally here, I’m so excited (and a little nervous)! I’ll definitely report back here to let everyone know how it goes!

I might be meeting some local AB/DLs for the first time this Wednesday. It could still fall through, but if it happens, it’s going to be my first time ever playing in person with other littles. I can’t wait!

Apollo and I miss having a caregiver to take care of us! It's been awhile since I've played with any bigs, so of course my little side is hungry for cuddles. ❤️

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Long time no see, but I'm feeling cute tonight and wanted to say hi! ❤️

Mermaids are cute and so are kitties, so if I have one of both on my shirt, that means I'm extra cute, right? 🧜‍♀️ 🐱

It’s been awhile, ABDL.link! 👋 I haven’t been feeling super little over the last few weeks, but it’s been coming back with a vengeance today and I’m dying to get padded this weekend. Let me know if there’s any content in particular you want to see from me and I’ll see what I can do on Saturday! 😁

Totally envious of all of you getting ready for CAPCon! I hope you all have fun - maybe some year I’ll be able to join you too!

I got a bit of a cold and I’m still really busy IRL, so no pics for a bit still. It’s hard to make little time when big kid life is pounding on you.

I'm a little sad right now. I've been having a casual online relationship with a big-leaning switch since around November, and it was a lot of fun...but now he's started a serious relationship with someone else, so our fling has to stop.

We talked about this a lot early on when we started, so it's not like I had any legit claims on him or anything. But he's such a sweet Daddy and he was a big part of why I put myself out there online in the first place, so I'll miss playing with him.

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I finished my big boy stuff early today, so I took the opportunity to get my hair cut and buy some cute new clothes. Do you believe in unicorns too? 🦄

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When I grow up, I want to be a butterfly princess. 🦋 👑

I have a super busy next two weeks ahead, so I might not have a lot of time to be little for awhile. If you don't see pics from me for a bit, I promise I haven't disappeared! My time is just being eaten up by work and other boring big boy things.

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When your cute new dress matches your diapies just right...😍 👌 👗

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