Time to crawl out of bed and enjoy this nice, crinkly, thick Big Diaper Friday and play with my dino collection! Catch me on twitch later today to celebrate the weekly celebration 🎉 :diaper: 🚼☁️🧷

Sorry my dear. All the cool boy diapers where out of stock. I am sure you can use this...

🚧 🏗️ 👷‍♂️ Today I got to use my cool crane and digger for a serious home construction job. BUT, it got sooo messy I had to call in to the project manager (@amsterdad) for help. He says his living room isn't the only mess I made, not sure what he means... 🤔

My little boy @littletigertonio who is a real artist, made this drawing of him having a nap in Daddy's bed, surrounded by toys, stuffies (that's Monsieur Croque) and what have you. Daddy read him a story, see? And Daddy can't sleep because he does not want to disturb his little baby boy napping peacefully... Isn't he cute.

But but! I'm an adult! I'm not supposed to need diapers let alone need someone to change them for me!!! 😳

🍼 "It's almost time for little boy's nap time!"

"But I don't wannaarrrrrglubglub..."

**4 hours later**

"Now who had a nice long snooze?" :baby_dummy:

ABU preschools: for big boys who still need a little help staying dry during the day.

🌄 "Daaaaaad, can't I have just five more minutes?" 😴

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