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‪Back to using bottles n bibs at mealtime! Yay!!!‬

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My bro diapered me up for bed. I can’t close my legs. little help?

No! Not THAT kind of help...

He grabbed a one liter baby bottle of water.

“Well, it’s a very thick diaper so we should make sure you use it!”


Daddy won’t tell me how this potty thing works, but I’ve been watching him and I think I’ve almost got it figured out...

Hop on up, kiddo! Champ'll take care of ya!

Oh, a fussy baby huh? Here's your paci. You belong in diapers, no need to be embarrassed! We've even got Mr. Piggy and Mr. Buzzy to make this change extra fun!

Just lay back and let me do all the work, little one.

‪Presto Change-O! Daddy's massage table is now a changing table!‬

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If you go down to the woods today... you'll find a little boy on a padded adventure with his teddy

Visiting my parents for the weekend. They miss their baby boy!

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another image from my former Tumblr "reblog if" series. can you be this babyish?

90% the only way I can get off. I don’t even get hard before I dribble my little squirt of spunk into my diapers! The question is, will I get to do it tonight?

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