Uh oh...those pants aren't the only thing that's busted!

My dream: I'm at a hotel getting dressed ‪to go for a drink, but for some reason I'm in the foyer above the bar. I try to hide my bulging diaper shorts under a skirt and I don't realise everyone is commenting on my baby sissy clothes the whole time. I am so frustrated trying to get everything on that I finally give up and collapse on the armchair nearby. Then, my mom storms up from the bar to bring me down and I'm crawling away half-dressed so everyone won't see me in baby clothes!

Thought: you've been in diapers so long, you don't think twice about the fact that you're buckling your jeans over a thick pair of pamps every day.

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Good morning afternoon and evening! I hope every little on here, and big, are having an awesome Sunday!

It's not real important or worth being told on here, but tomorrow's my birthday.

Anyway, enjoy the day or night, take naps or have a good night sleep, and keep your furniture dry as well😊

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Goodnight, good morning, and good afternoon to you many soggy bottom littles 🤣

I hope you get into fresh diapers/training pants before heading to bed or down for a nap, or even heading off for a big adventure.

Sleep tight all, have good dreams tonight/today, and of course keep dry too🤗 😴 🤗 😴 🤗 😴 🤗 😴

Showing my big boy PRIDE by using the potty! Am I doing it right?

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