Bein a big boy is hard! You gotta think… you gotta carry plushies… AND you gotta walk! So many wesponsibillies!!

When I graduated to pull ups I thought I was in the way to becoming a big kid! But then I failed before potty time, and was out back into diapers. At least I got to feel big for a little while... 😭

Diaper check before work and on my break. I better be a soaky boy when I get home or it’s a spanking!

‪Not long ago, I bought underwear and I hid my little stuff and diapers in the closet and linen cabinet, which is the closest thing to a purge with Daddy in charge. Having my diapers out again feels so freeing and right. I hope I can learn to be less shy around Daddy’s friends! ‬

Tonight, I gave up trying to outgrow diapers and got my monthly subscription. No going back now! It’s back in diapers full time!!

Now here’s some pictures of me being a diaper dork, wearing the biggest diaper cuz I’m the BIGGEST BABY!!

Back in the nursery again. And I was just about to have big boy fun too! Aww mannnnn

Got cute pajamas for Xmas! Daddy is already planning to steal them...

Uh oh...those pants aren't the only thing that's busted!

My dream: I'm at a hotel getting dressed ‪to go for a drink, but for some reason I'm in the foyer above the bar. I try to hide my bulging diaper shorts under a skirt and I don't realise everyone is commenting on my baby sissy clothes the whole time. I am so frustrated trying to get everything on that I finally give up and collapse on the armchair nearby. Then, my mom storms up from the bar to bring me down and I'm crawling away half-dressed so everyone won't see me in baby clothes!

Thought: you've been in diapers so long, you don't think twice about the fact that you're buckling your jeans over a thick pair of pamps every day.

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