I haven’t had much opportunity to have any ABDL play for months. Decided to treat myself to a pack of Rearz Safari. Hoping they, and a little regression, might help improve my mood soon. 🤞🤞

Can anyone recommend any pull-ups with cool patterns/designs? I can’t find anything decent in “adult” sizes that fit me... they’re all plain.. 😞
Where can I find then?!

I’m on holiday in Devon, UK. Anyone around?

So looking forward to next week off so I can be padded full time. Want to go out exploring too!

So my bf and I chatted in the pub last night. Told him I wanted to wear nappies a bit more round the house and he was cool with it 😁 he won’t change but but hey ho! Currently have a very wed nappy!

First time in one of these! They are great! And they match my jammies 😁

No matter how hard this boy tries. He always ends up with a wet diaper after a road trip. :diaper_wet: :dummy_blue:

Dug out my giraffe T-shirt...feeling cute and little today 😁

Morning! Not quite bingo 😭 but apparently I’ve experienced quite a lot of ABDL stuff. Have you played bingo yet?

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