If I’m this squishy does that mean I have to change?

Looking forward to being padded 24/7 for my week off. Never ordered more than one pack before! 🙈

Changing yourself is not easy - especially when messy! Learning new skills in lockdown. Also featuring my new onesie from downunder!

Good morning everyone! Some things have changed and now I’m able to enjoy padded life a bit more. Loving waking up padded and soggy.

I haven’t had much opportunity to have any ABDL play for months. Decided to treat myself to a pack of Rearz Safari. Hoping they, and a little regression, might help improve my mood soon. 🤞🤞

Can anyone recommend any pull-ups with cool patterns/designs? I can’t find anything decent in “adult” sizes that fit me... they’re all plain.. 😞
Where can I find then?!

I’m on holiday in Devon, UK. Anyone around?

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