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Sometimes it's just a Mickey Mouse briefs kind of Saturday! 😜

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👖 A good pair of overalls can communicate a lot about a person.

Like "art student during winter term" or "is it summer yet?" or "hehe, I forgot how to tie my shoes again!" 😋

Aww I think the padded party is across the street :(

I've also got a bunch of other patches if anyone needs to add any flair to this outfits

Any diaper boys, Big Bros and/or middles gonna be at MAL?

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adorable underwear content 


Tumblr export is at 40 gigs ... And rising ...

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Ok so where all my at! Big enough for Scooby Doo undies ... If we can keep them dry ;)

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kink, other instances 

What instances would you recommend to former Tumblr users who are kinky, gay, and not ABDL?

My first thought is, but I'm guessing there are other good options that I don't know about.

Bossing and baby-ing a friend online has me all jealous of him :p

aww those are cute, i have a sewing machine, i need to learn how to make cute stuff in my size :P

oh pictures up so it's time for

sexually frustrated middle
long overdue for a spanking, some corner time, or getting pantsed in public

you may know me from my rebloging and smut on my tumblr of the same name ...

i also really like undies that aren't padded :P

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