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From when my plushies 'offered' me to choose my nappy ...
First one i the Crinklz Otis wanted me to wear a few days ago.
(Yesterday was Tyke Galactic for Milosch)
And second one, from today, is the Puppers for Rena.
Really good not having to choose from all the different nappies ;)

Does anyone knows what to do if three plushies want you to wear three different nappies. How should I choose without getting anyone mad?😅

Wore my last husky tonight ... not super soggy yet, but one of the tapes just ripped off😥 but no leaks at least ...

This fox puppy is very happy with his new tail and collar😁

I even learned how to do 'sit' like a good fox does!🦊

Kehehe, got some new things to play🦊
Apparantly, the universe has some sense of irony, seeing the colour scheme and my current favorite nappy😅🤣

(Had to try out PaddedPaws, especially for a new paci😀. Thanks @thatbabyboy for the awesome recommendation!😚)

My nappy is now very soggy and I can't delay a change any further ...
Care to help your favorite little fox, @thatbabyboy?🦊 I promise to be good this time!

My plushies keep me warm in the night ...

They comfort me, when I feel bad ...

Sometimes they tease me about my bulgy onesies ...

And they check, if I need a change ...

You are the best🤗

Had to change out of soggy nappy ;)

But it took the chance to try on my other new onesie for the night ... someone sure likes it🦝

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Set your clocks for 19:00 BST (UK time) cos we're going to watch Zootopia all together!

Anybody can join in

@BigBabyAlfie @BlueStar @fussy_fox @chwefror21 @Littleivo

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What's your favouritest way to dress up ? @LittleTrainer @BlueStar

Did some more colouring today ;)
Just a happy little fox this time🦊
And, as last time, a drabble to go with it (it goes by the name Friendship)😁

When the lab is still not fully functional and you work from home, but your inner mad scientist wants to get out🥼👨‍🔬

(Just found my old lab coat from my bachelor studys😂)

When I turn on the console, everyone gathers around🤗
I really hope we don't need to take turns in playing😂

I also wrote a drabble for the picture I/we coloured ;)

(For all non-writers, a drabble is a story with exactly 100 words)

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How could two and a half foxes spend there day better than colouring another fox?🦊
Faye and Filo helped me a lot choosing the right colours, but I did it all by myself!

Rena was a bit smelly and needed a bath, which she did not like at all! She splashed around like a wild raccoon, so I had to change clothes, too😂
But now she clean and dry again ;)

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