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@fussy_fox I knooooows! But me had to go ... me gets in twouble when I stay in bed too long😅

@thatbabyboy Awww, that is cute😊 paci and a looooooooot of bubbles are nice for a bath ... and it must be super duper hot🔥

@Bkid5 @landro Noooooohooooo! It was forsie pawz leeeeft! I ... just don't know where my number blocks are 😅

@landro @Bkid5 *shows you two of my alphabet blocks* that many paws! :baby_dummy:

@Bkid5 What? No, there are *tries to count them* one ... thwee ... sevix ... see? There are forsie paws left!

I had still a few paws🐾 left, but had to get out of my nappy since I needed to go for workies😅

@mHabdl @fussy_fox *makes a silly, high pitched voice* weiiiiiiiiird😝
Haha, to each there own😁

@fussy_fox Yep ... would be a hassle for me going only for cloth, but it is fun sometimes😁 ... but I hate doing laundry🤣

@fussy_fox *sob* I not has leakies!

I only used ut a few time, so I don't fully trust it yet ... but it's quite nice sometimes😊

@fussy_fox I uhh ... I ... no comment!🙈

(Yeah, the cloth inserts just don't take too much ... at least compared to the nappies I'm used to)

@mHabdl Hehe, thank you😊 It was really bulky with the two boosters🦊

@fussy_fox I was a really interesting feeling ... I like the pocket nappy quite much, but with the cloth inserts it's not enough for a soggy fox like me🤣🦊

@Bulbababy001 Is it Charmander? I bet it's Charmander! He's the number 001🔥😁

Wore my pocket nappy🦊 again, but with two tyke dubblers inside ... they held sooooooo much and got really squishy😊
It felt awesome!😁

My playdayz was reeeeeaally full this morning ... only waddles for little Blue😊

@thatbabyboy I'll take that as a yes😜
You'll be the cutest boy in pink tights ever😘

@thatbabyboy I can get you some pink tights if you want them😜

@thatbabyboy I am no onesie, silly😜
But you look very cute ... like a comfy pillow baby😘

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