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@thatbabyboy @mHabdl Can you do me a favor and close the door from the other side?😝

@fussy_fox I know it like that: if you can't explain it to your grandmother, than you don't understand it.
Especially in science it is crucial to be able to explain stuff also with easy words.

@fussy_fox Haha, and I thought the go to solutions in programming were google and crying😝

Rena supported me excelently during my studies ... learning by explaining a plushie worked really good.

@mHabdl I think you're the one who's too nice🤗 I bet @thatbabyboy would have scolded me for being not nice😂

@mHabdl Is that so? Well, I'll reduce my kindness to 60 % then😜

You're a bit cute in your fox diapee😝

@mHabdl Happy thanksgiving then🤗
Awww, you look cute enough in your fox diapee already🦊

@fussy_fox Hehe, glad you feel better already. You can always have hugs from this fox buddy too🤗🦊

@fussy_fox Oww, I guess we all know these days. It's really hard to deal with, when it's just so many small problems that they add up and make you feel so bad ... try to tackle them one by one, if possible. Or just have a talk with your plushie to get it off your mind ... it sounds weird, but it helps.

Have a biiiiiiiig and looooong foxy hug!🦊
Hope you'll feel better soon!

@BigBabyAlfie Awww, sweets😋 and camolets too! So cool, I bet you'll like them😊

@mHabdl Hehe, she's really the best! I love her so much😘

@Littleivo @jelle Jelle is absolutely right, every little boy should have a matress cover, just in case ... well, and thicker nappies are a good idea too, I guess😊

@thatbabyboy No, but then we could see your cute diapee completely😘

Rena always makes sure that I'm safe for the night ... and she really likes these Camelots, cos she don't need to change me so soon again😁

@thatbabyboy If I put you in proper nappies, you wouldn't be able to get your jeans over them anymore, so no worries about that😜

@thatbabyboy But you couldn't go anywhere when your pants are falling down so easily ... and more diapee is more capacity😝

@thatbabyboy If your jeans fall down that much when you sit down, we can surely put you in a thicker nappy ... seems like there is much free space in your pants😝

Super cute😘

@fussy_fox @thatbabyboy Well, it's the same for me. I also wore the fabric ones as kid, and would like to get some for me again. But they seem to be harder to find in bigger sizes ... or too expensive 'just to try out'😅
Next time I'd try to go for fabric ones, though!

@mHabdl Hehe, yeah the cover is awesome!🦊😊
Hehe, I'll threw mine in the laundry, too.

@abc1989 It is, but a quite different feel than disposables😊

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