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I finally got myself a pocket nappy and two cloth inserts ... they are not nearly comparable to disposables, but I like them!

@fussy_fox @thatbabyboy I only know them from wearing as a child or see them on kids, so they really are something I associate with being little
I think it's that they are really snuggling on the legs and nappy, and because they have foots (like footed sleepers).

They are comfy ... more than I thought😊

My sweet big brother @thatbabyboy treated me with this fantastic shirt! It's sooooooo cool, and you can't even see my nappy anymore😊

You are really the best brother a little fox could ever wish for!🦊
I love you😘❤

@fussy_fox @thatbabyboy You think so? *blush*
Thankies ... they really are comfortable together with nappies😊 and they make me feel super duper small!

@Bkid5 Wow, I just put mine on😁 guess I'll wear them for a little while😊
They really feel nice!

@mHabdl @StephDiaper26 ... which is also super cute!🦊

Yeah, the long sleeve is actually the thing I don't like about it, cos it's a bit too warm in the summer😅 and I would definitely wear it all year and more often otherwise😂

@mHabdl @StephDiaper26 Hehe, the onesie is really awesome🦊🦊
As soon as it was in store I needed to get it😂

@woweimart Heyo, not much these days!
Doing the usuall stuff ... work on day, playing in the evaning😁

How about you?

@Pjsnowtiger1 Young and little? Wouldn't set a definite age, though, cos it's changing all time ;)

@Pjsnowtiger1 Right now Xenoblade and the Super Mario 3d all stars.

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My baby brother @BlueStar was so excited but sooo shy when he got some pink tights... so I got him to play dress up for me. He looks super cute, doesn't he?

@thatbabyboy I'm still blushing so much that my face has the same colour than my onesie😊🙈

But my big brother reassured me that there is nothing to be shy about ... and he knows best!😘

@mHabdl Very comfy, yes! Nothing better than playing games while being diapered.

@thatbabyboy Awww, are you a tiny bit jealous maybe?😊
Don't worry, in your Stitch top your just as cute😘

@fussy_fox Yep, if the just the amount of neurons would be too much, than you don't need to think about synapses or even other cell types in the brain ;)

Diet is something that influences us more than we like to admit. But I can't say I'm consistently eating healthy myself😀

@thatbabyboy Still looks like my big boy pants😂 wait, you didn't stole mine, right?

@thatbabyboy Me agrees, they look just like my big boy pants😀

@fussy_fox Currently we are barely able to simulate fractions of the (murine) brain ... I read that with the best supercomputers, we could simulate one column (which is a very small and confined piece) only, not even considering long spread connectivity.

Well, homeosrasis is a big word, again describing many different things ;)
Yep, serotonine is produced in the gut, but (without knowing) I'd ask, is it constitutively, or after certain stimuli (like diet) ... it's again complicated.

@bambinod We discussed that in a post last year too ;)

For Crinklz, size S fits better than Tena S, and is ok. But I still feel much better with size M, even if it is slightly too big.
Best sizing so far was the S/M size of the ABU pawz, they are perfect.

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