Wore my pocket nappy🦊 again, but with two tyke dubblers inside ... they held sooooooo much and got really squishy😊
It felt awesome!😁

Rena always makes sure that I'm safe for the night ... and she really likes these Camelots, cos she don't need to change me so soon again😁

I finally got myself a pocket nappy and two cloth inserts ... they are not nearly comparable to disposables, but I like them!

My sweet big brother @thatbabyboy treated me with this fantastic shirt! It's sooooooo cool, and you can't even see my nappy anymore😊

You are really the best brother a little fox could ever wish for!🦊
I love you😘❤

"Look what I found! It's a wettsie little baby"

*doesn't know what to say, sticks out tongue and mumbles*
"You're a baby!"

It's noon already, but my Pawz say I can stay in bed a little longer💤😊

So, my big brother doesn´t like fussy little foxes talking back ...
That why @thatbabyboy gave me early bedtimes, and will also not let me drink soda this week!😭

But he´ll see what he got from it, since he´ll have less time to spent with me! *pout*

I´m also ready for bed now ...
Goodnight ...?

Faye asked me if she could wear a nappy like I do, so I changed her into one ;)
She such a little cutie fox🦊

@Littleivo & @jelle Filo and I even saw an Enigma machine in the museum too! I looks amazing (and now I wanna have one too😅) ... I would be a good sneaky spy fox.
The museum is great, but doesn´t look as fancy as the one you guys went😁

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Filo and me visited the espionage museum in Berlin this weekend, and Filo made sure I was padded.
He said that noone would ever see anything!🦊 And then he insisted on a nappy check on the toilet, although I was perfectly dry ... mostly😊

We had lots of fun and learned so many cool things ;)

Feeding time!
Good thing of being a science guy, Blue can eat up all the lab mice that aren´t fast enough🦊

*lies down for a nap*

Went on a long walk yesterday with Filo, having a nice adventure in Berlin. He climbed some rocks and we enjoyed staying at a small pond without too many people around.
Back home, Filo had to tell Rena all about it, and was so exhausted that they went for a nap short after ...
I think those two are in love🦊❤🦝

Had to try on my new dino sweater with a dino nappy ;)
Yes, it IS too warm for it, but it's new and it's incredibly cute😊
And my nappy was veeeeeery soggy this morning ... at least that's what Filo and Rena say.

Wearing cushies for the second time now ... I like the design and they can take a good wetting, but I don't feel very safe with this 2-tape system. It just feels too loose around the hips and especially at the waistband. Well, Filo wil make sure nothing bad happens🦊

Is that 'normal' or do you have any tips on how to put them on better??

Crazy how thick the combo Tena+Dubbler was this morning ... it was on the edge of falling down from the weight😅🙈

Tena Maxi, Tykables Doubler, fox hood, and tail (not well visible)🦊
@thatbabyboy, you asked for it, and since I´m a very good fox, I did it for you😊 😘
And don´t worry, I gave myself a treat already, and a healthy one as well!😋

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