Blue got dressed up by his big brother @thatbabyboy and had a little snackparty with his plushies. We had bottles and sweets for everyone😋

Spend new years the best way I could, nice and comfy in PJs and my foxy diapee as a soggy little pup🦊

Happy new year, fellow littles and pups, and also all the big boys and girls out there😊

Brought back some lego from home and spend all day building😁
Of course first thing I needed to do was sort pieces🤣

Filo and I went home for a few days over the holidays. The little guy loves riding trains and looking at the landscape rushing past us🦊

I finally found my favorite foxy nappy🦊
But I might have needed a change😅

Everyone gathered around, when Blue offered to read a story ... we couldn't have campfire, but dimmed the light, lit up a candle, and made ourselves very comfy.

It was a scary story ... just right for these dark and cold days.
First, they would laugh, and take it easy, but as the tension increased, they grew all so silent. Slowly breathing, their eyes stared in the flames. Startled, they dared not to watch the dancing shadows surrounding us ...

... but afterwards, there were many cuddles😊

Little Blue is such a soggy boy, he got his Tena maxi with tykables dubbler all wet overnight😊
The diapee was barely able to stay on my hips without my onesie🤣

... and my brother @thatbabyboy originally thought the diapee alone would be enough ... good thing I convinced him otherwise, or there would be puddles eeeeeeeverywhere😝

@thatbabyboy Also two onesie pics from the weekend that I just found too cute not to post😊
... and you can baaaaarely see that I'm padded, right?🤣

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Blue's weekend in a summary after my big brother @thatbabyboy put me in nicorns all days:
🦄 🦄 🦄 🦄

Maybe I will remember them now ... but probably not🤣

I tend to like diagonal more ... but I'd probably throw a little fox tantrum just for the fun ... and for my lovely brother @thatbabyboy, so you don't get bored 😜

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@thatbabyboy What was the animal on my pink nappies called? Was it a pony ... or maybe a donkey?🤔 pwease help your little brother out on that!😊

Coloured two foxes today🦊🦊 and made them weally colourfull wif my crayons😊

@Littleivo my plushies help me when I colour out stuff ... finding the right crayon, staying within the lines and such😁

@thatbabyboy *shows you proudly what I did today*

Another soooooooooooggy morning ... but Filo & Filin were right! No leakies at all!😊🦊

"There are no wetsies back here!"

"Pfew, there is a LOT of soggy baby here in the front!"

*dress me up for bed, knowing my nappy will hold much longer*

I had still a few paws🐾 left, but had to get out of my nappy since I needed to go for workies😅

Wore my pocket nappy🦊 again, but with two tyke dubblers inside ... they held sooooooo much and got really squishy😊
It felt awesome!😁

My playdayz was reeeeeaally full this morning ... only waddles for little Blue😊

Rena always makes sure that I'm safe for the night ... and she really likes these Camelots, cos she don't need to change me so soon again😁

I finally got myself a pocket nappy and two cloth inserts ... they are not nearly comparable to disposables, but I like them!

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