I had still a few paws🐾 left, but had to get out of my nappy since I needed to go for workies😅

@BlueStar , you BARELY had any paws left.. giggles !

@Bkid5 What? No, there are *tries to count them* one ... thwee ... sevix ... see? There are forsie paws left!

@landro @Bkid5 *shows you two of my alphabet blocks* that many paws! :baby_dummy:

@BlueStar @landro, out of forsie paws only two blocks left... I'd say that = super soaked little toddler boy !!!! He he


@Bkid5 @landro Noooooohooooo! It was forsie pawz leeeeft! I ... just don't know where my number blocks are 😅

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