Anxious and sad today. Just a lot of responsibilities and issues popping up here an there... Nothing major on their own, but it all just gnaws at me. I'm padded today, but not even feeling little. I'm usually in caretaker mindset more, but I'd give a lot to have someone take care of me now so I just don't need to think about anything. Just be my little self without a care in the world...

@fussy_fox Oww, I guess we all know these days. It's really hard to deal with, when it's just so many small problems that they add up and make you feel so bad ... try to tackle them one by one, if possible. Or just have a talk with your plushie to get it off your mind ... it sounds weird, but it helps.

Have a biiiiiiiig and looooong foxy hug!🦊
Hope you'll feel better soon!

@BlueStar I did manage in the end. Especially that some stuff got solved on Monday, so I'm in way better spirits than I was. Ooh, speaking to a plushie sounds like a great idea! In programming there's a concept of talking to a rubber duck, because just talking about something can make you find the solution to your problems. So that absolutely works 😄

Have a big, big hug from me too! Thank you for your kind words 🤗 🦊


@fussy_fox Haha, and I thought the go to solutions in programming were google and crying😝

Rena supported me excelently during my studies ... learning by explaining a plushie worked really good.

@BlueStar These come after the rubber ducky doesn't work 😂

Oh yes, explaining things is crucial to proper understanding of a problem. I don't remember who said that, but there is a quote to the effect of "if you can't teach something, it means you don't fully understand it".

@fussy_fox I know it like that: if you can't explain it to your grandmother, than you don't understand it.
Especially in science it is crucial to be able to explain stuff also with easy words.

@BlueStar That's true, communication is the key. Knowledge is useless if you can't use it, but also if you can't pass it on.

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