It's going to be foxies today. It's thanksgiving here in Canada, so if only I had @BlueStar 's fall foxes onesie to wear over it...

@mHabdl Happy thanksgiving then🤗
Awww, you look cute enough in your fox diapee already🦊

Thanks. As always, you're too kind. 🦊👦


@mHabdl Is that so? Well, I'll reduce my kindness to 60 % then😜

You're a bit cute in your fox diapee😝

@mHabdl I think you're the one who's too nice🤗 I bet @thatbabyboy would have scolded me for being not nice😂

@thatbabyboy @mHabdl Can you do me a favor and close the door from the other side?😝

@thatbabyboy @BlueStar
But.. come Blue gets to have a cute foxy onesie and not me?! 🤦‍♂️🦊

@mHabdl @BlueStar aww, you can have a cute fox onesie too! Maybe write it on your list to Santa and give it to your husband 😜

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