"Look what I found! It's a wettsie little baby"

*doesn't know what to say, sticks out tongue and mumbles*
"You're a baby!"

So cute. He's right, you know... 🦊👶🚼

@mHabdl About the wettsies or the baby?? Cos I'll only admit the first!

Boy wakes up in a wet cute diaper. Did you really think you could fool a fox into thinking you're a big boy? 🦊👶🚼

@mHabdl I'm the bestest trickster among all foxes, sure I can fool him!🦊
And ... and ... I can be a big boy if I want to!

@BlueStar @mHabdl But you can sure also be a big baby 😝 Just teasing, you sure can be a big boy! But you also need changies right now if you don't want to have a big puddle under your butt 🤗

@BlueStar with the top tapes so close, you'd probably get a better fit going a size down, if you can?

@bambinod We discussed that in a post last year too ;)

For Crinklz, size S fits better than Tena S, and is ok. But I still feel much better with size M, even if it is slightly too big.
Best sizing so far was the S/M size of the ABU pawz, they are perfect.

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