It's noon already, but my Pawz say I can stay in bed a little longer💤😊

@BlueStar , you're good for a long time in bed. Lots of paws left ;-)

@Bkid5 Hehe, let's see how long those paws stay🐾

@BlueStar It's Sunday. You can sleep in, little fox. 🦊

@mHabdl I did sleep in! But I still just wanna stay in bed and do nothing😊

@BlueStar @mHabdl you should.. I do that sometimes, I just watch cartoons or movies.
Now if only I had a caregiver to bring my chocolate milk bottle 🍼... oh and get Teddy that fell out of bed plus cuddle, I think I'd stay in bed all day myself 😝

@Bkid5 @mHabdl I stayed in bed for a while playing games, but yeah, growling tummy made me get up for food😅
Still not doing much today, I think.

Hehe, with a CG there would be no need to leave the bed at all, that would be sooooo nice😊

@Bkid5 @BlueStar Cute. I bring hot cocao to my husband in bed every morning. 😊

@mHabdl @Bkid5 Awww, that's so nice of you😊
I need someone to bring me cocoa too ;)

@Bkid5 @mHabdl @BlueStar Hmmm. That has seriously put me in the mood for cocoa before bedtime. Cheers!

@BlueStar Look at you, such a big boy! Get that sleep, you deserve it! 🤗 I'm up and about and my Abena is a little full 😳 But I still think I can safely get a nap before changies 😊

@fussy_fox Hehe, I sleeped enough, but just didn´t wanna get up really. I just played a bit while staying in bed to enjoy the cozyness😊
Hehe, better check before you do, you don´t wanna have leakies while you sleep😝

@BlueStar I stayed in bed after my nap too, it's really hard to get out when you're so comfy 😊
I didn't leak! Although now I'm quite close too. I can't really get up from my chair, because the diaper will just plop down from the weight 😂

@fussy_fox Hehe, then you really need changies😝
Yeah, was a very relaxed weekend for me too, but once in a while this is more than neccessary to make up for busy work.

@BlueStar I changed soon, don't wanna risk a flood 😂
Yeah, it's really what you need sometimes... I have a feeling I'll need it again this weekend 😅 This week is only on its second day and it's already a bit too much...

@fussy_fox owww, I hope you have some easier days ahead *hugs*
I'm somewhere between too much to do and being happy that things are working out😂 but I would be up for weekend now as well ;)

@BlueStar thankies *hugs* ❤️ Next week may not be much better, but then it's only work. It's draining, but I finish and I can forget about it, which is definitely nice.
Happy to hear that your days are going good. Even if it's too much, it's important that you are happy 😊 And there's always the weekend 😉

@fussy_fox Oww, it sounds as if you're not too happy with your work ... I hope it's only temporarily ... it's important, in my opinion, that work also is fun at least partially. Otherwise it may be unhealthy for mind and body ...

Yes, sometimes there is stress or deadlines, or I have to deal with dumb people, but then again ... sitting 3 hours alone in the dark at a microscope is just great😂

@BlueStar My job is really nice, but there are times where there are more responsibilities and more pressure. It's not too bad though, just part of the course. It's tiring, but it's not burning out.

True, each job has its ups and downs. Being alone and looking through a microscope sounds quite nice though, if you can get in the flow it must be really rewarding!

@fussy_fox Ah ok, sounded much worse in your toot before. But if you like your job in general, that´s good!
Yep, up and down is what keeps you alive ... like on a heart monitor, if you have a flat line, you might be dead😂

I could talk hours about the perks of working on ´scopes, but I bet that would make me even weirder ;)
Let´s just say it´s nice to see colourful results on a screen at last😁

@BlueStar Yeah, it did sound worse than it is. At the end of the day, it's quite rewarding, so even when there's more pressure and you get tired, you know you've done well.
That's very true 😂 You need a bit of everything in life.
I'd love to listen, science is a wonderful topic. Being able to hear from someone who has hands-on experience is always fascinating ❤️

@fussy_fox Yep, it's not always easy to find the right balance in job and life, but I also like what I'm doing - at least most of the time😂

Science is great, and it's really cool to get to know many different things ;)
Well, I'm always happy to talk/discuss stuff, if you want😊

@BlueStar That's all you need, as long as most of the time it's okay, it's all good 😂

That's true! I was a real nerd at school and I loved all the science subjects. But this also means most of my knowledge is still at high school level at best, so I wouldn't even know what to ask 😂 But I'm always happy to listen. Since it's to do with microscopes, I assume it's either biology or chemistry?

@fussy_fox Hehe, there are more than enough things I don't know or already forgot since my studies as well😂
I'm a neuroscientist, and working a lot with imaging techniques, but I also love biochemistry👨‍🔬

@BlueStar Yeah, that's the sad thing. Even the most interesting knowledge is lost if it's not something you encounter regularly.
Ooh, that sounds amazing! Neuroscience is such a fascinating subject. There's so much to be discovered here too, brain is quite a mysterious thing, especially for something we all have 😂 And as a person who has mental health issues, I kind of have a personal reason to at least try to learn more about how the brain chemistry affects me and what I can do about it

@fussy_fox Not yet the expert, but I´m good when I say we don´t know anything about how the brain works😂 there is so much going on, and on several different levels ... it´s super complex, but also very interesting ;)
Hehe, with mental health I usually associate issues that have multifactorial origins and where we basically don´t know much about their origin (like autism, depression, OCD) ... we know small bits, but never the whole picture.

@BlueStar Oh yes, that's very true. And when you take into account how much it's intertwined with how other body parts function, this gets on an even different level. This is why it always amuses me how people think actual artificial intelligence will be created soon. We don't know how our natural one works, so how are we going to simulate it?

That's also true. Plus they are often hard to differentiate or can be coexisting, but we still have different doctors treating these. How am I supposed to get a good diagnosis if that's how we do it?

@fussy_fox True. Even the diagnosis of those issues takes experts and is hard, not to talk about the treatment. In that regard there is much we still have to learn.

@fussy_fox No question, we don't have the knowledge or the computer power to simulate a brain, not human, not mouse, not even fly.
And it again comes down to how you define artificial intelligence (we had a nice discussion recently about that topic here). Shortly, should it be perfect, or human?

Connections to other organs are very interesting and currently a hot topic in science (especially immune system and the gut).

@BlueStar True, it often boils down to definition. For me, a general AI is what I understand as the "true" AI, so something that can simulate, or even surpass, how human intelligence in creativity, problem solving, etc. So far, we've only got specific ones, and often not quite functioning as well as ours.

Oh yes! I've heard about it quite a bit. I think the gut can be also connected to our emotions and how they are regulated. It's really fascinating.

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@BlueStar yes, stay in the cosy bed a little longer.... It's the weekend and you deserve it 😁

@thatbabyboy Yes I do! Cos I was super busy during the week and behaved all good😊

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