So, my big brother doesn´t like fussy little foxes talking back ...
That why @thatbabyboy gave me early bedtimes, and will also not let me drink soda this week!😭

But he´ll see what he got from it, since he´ll have less time to spent with me! *pout*

I´m also ready for bed now ...
Goodnight ...?

@BlueStar cranky little argumentive foxes should not be allowed to stay up all night 😛

Don't you agree guys?

@BlueStar @thatbabyboy little boys, pups and foxes should get plenty of sleep to help them grow up big and strong!

@Littleivo @thatbabyboy But foxes are nocturnal! It's against my nature!🦊

@BlueStar yeah, ok. But did you get sufficient sleep during the day? For that @Littleivo is right. Little foxes should get enough sleep... ☺️

Awww @thatbabyboy you did a good job, such a cute combination ❤️

@chwefror21 @Littleivo @thatbabyboy Hey, I chose my nappy and PJ all alone! I´m big after all!
... I could sleep during the day/work ... but I bet @thatbabyboy wouldn´t like that either.

@BlueStar Aww, such a big boy 🤗 Sleep during work is not a good idea, so an early sleep sometimes does some good... 😊

@thatbabyboy don’t be too hard on him ☺️


I agree with @chwefror21, don´t be too hard to me!
But sleep is boring and I can´t play!

@thatbabyboy @Littleivo

@BlueStar @thatbabyboy @Littleivo But sleep is needed and can also be fun, especially when there’s neat dreams 😜

@chwefror21 @thatbabyboy @Littleivo No, I wanna be awake so I can play. Dream is just watching from the side, that´s boring ... and sometimes there are bad nightmare😬

@chwefror21 @thatbabyboy @Littleivo I had a glimpse of it once, where I was aware of dreaming, but usually I´m a 'watcher' in my dreams ... and since I read all these stories about sleep paralysis sometimes happening in association with lucid dreams, I don´t dare to try it.
I was scared of the dark as a kid, and even reading about not being able to move in the dark makes me shiver ... even if the 'risk' may be small.

@BlueStar @thatbabyboy @Littleivo I remember as a child waking up « paralysed » after having a lucid dream. It lasted for several seconds but it was scary enough. In fact sleep paralysis is nothing more than a mechanism to avoid that you hurt yourself while sleeping/dreaming 😊

Lucid dreaming has been known and practiced since ancient time. It is part of the ancient Hindu practice of yoga nidra and the Tibetan practice of dream yoga. Aristotle referred also to lucid dreaming.

@BlueStar @thatbabyboy @Littleivo Lucid dreaming can be empowering and fun. If you can control a dream, the sleeping world becomes your playground. All the laws of physics cease to apply, making anything possible. 😊

@chwefror21 @thatbabyboy @Littleivo Yes, it interesting that the brain basically 'cut' every motor inervation of non-relevant muscles while sleeping, and still keep important structures (like the heart or the diaphragm) running.

Didn´t know it was so old, but I know there are a lot of guides and instructions for it.
It really sounds awesome ... but again, even the thought of being unable to move in the dark terrifies me😅

@BlueStar @thatbabyboy @Littleivo it’s amazing what a brain can do. Every supercomputer is an amoeba compared to our brain.

@chwefror21 @BlueStar @thatbabyboy indeed the brain is amazing. I wonder what you’d discover if you went into psychological research. It can be very interesting watching what makes people tick.

@Littleivo @BlueStar @thatbabyboy I remember at middle school our teacher once showed us a movie called « The Wave ». It’s scary to see how groups of people can be made doing things they don’t really want...

@chwefror21 @BlueStar @thatbabyboy I don’t remember seeing that but I can certainly believe it!

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@chwefror21 @thatbabyboy @Littleivo Comparing an amoeba to a supercomputer is an insult for the amoeba ... all the metabolic processes that take place in mere fractions of seconds could never be computet ... not to mention brain capacities😂
In science, you are supposed to look for alternatives for animal use ... apparantly, a neuroscientist at our campus once asked the IT if they could simulate a brain😂😂 (of course they couldn't)

@chwefror21 @thatbabyboy @Littleivo
Amoebas can:
- move
- eat
- replicate
- adapt/evolve
- infect brains and kill humans

Supercomputers can:
- non of the above
- basically nothing without a human operator

(Of course it depends on the definition of intelligence ... ask a fish to climb a tree, and you will call it dumb for sure😂)

@BlueStar @thatbabyboy @Littleivo Yeah, when studying informatics I once said that a computer is as stupid as the person behind it 🤣

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