Faye asked me if she could wear a nappy like I do, so I changed her into one ;)
She such a little cutie fox🦊

Some cutes littles foxes here :D
I hesitate to bought this onesie instead of the sealife, it's a really nice one :)

@Kiddyscord Thankies😊 yeah I'm kinda crazy for foxes, so I needed that onesie🦊
Your sealife onesie is cute too, but I like forest animals (and hence the ringtail and retrogamer) more😜

I must admit that my choice was made mostly by the color, any shades of blue stays in front of red/orange (and purple stay number one x))

@Kiddyscord Understandable ;) I'm very undecided when it come to colours ... I like Blue very much ... but foxy me love red/orange. And purple is also nice ... and big me likes black. It's just too many choices sometimes😂

@BlueStar awww! Such a good fox, taking care of other foxes!

@Littleivo Hehe, in a pack of foxes, we all care for each other🦊

@BlueStar hmm maybe I should look to join this caring pack of foxes!

@Littleivo Possible, but you have to show that you're worthy of being a fox ;)

@ScarecrowJoe Hmmm ... maybe. But I want proof for that😜

@BlueStar @ScarecrowJoe I can be a worthy fox! *tries my hardest to look like a fox, and brings fox treats for the foxes*

@Littleivo @ScarecrowJoe Treats?! Wait! I'm not going down that easily!

To become a fox, you need to pass the guardian's trials ... go forth, young pup and retrieve the three sacred objects from the temples of the past ... but beware of the forgotten creatures, lurking in the shadows.

@BlueStar @ScarecrowJoe I went for walkies and I found some things

- Jelle, for courage because nothing can hurt me when he’s there
- a ball, because every day should have some fun in it
- and a leaf from a plant I never saw before, because every day should have some exploration and learning.

Does that count? Jelle says I did a good job!

@Littleivo @ScarecrowJoe Ah, I see you've returned. Jelle, granted with the courage of the bravest knigths. The leaf, granted the power of wisdom of the earth. And the ball, carrying the sign of power in it.
Together, they shall open the path to the golden land, where you can join the pack of foxes, if you so desire ...

Speak, young pup ... does your heart truly desire to join my pack?
Many cuddles await you🦊

@BlueStar that is too cute! ❤️ I wonder if Foxy would like to try one. I think I still have some Pampers I use as boosters. Because the other ones will more likely be a blanket than a diaper for him 😂

@fussy_fox Awww, you should ask him and try! I bet he'd look so cute😊
(I should have done a photo of Faye in one of my nappies as well ... might do next week maybe😂)

@BlueStar he said he'd like it, but tomorrow. Apparently it's late and I should get padded and go to bed. I think I'm not big enough to understand these words, I understand play and fun, and I know sleep and rest are not those 🤔

@BlueStar (oh, and I'm definitely gonna try to get him in one of mine now too 😂)

@fussy_fox Hehe, I like sleep, but not going to bed or get up ... a bit crazy, right?😅
Aww, I wanna see him in your nappy (but a clean one I hope😝)

@BlueStar same for me, sleep is great, I love sleep, but getting to bed? Nah. Can someone do it for me, and I'll just sleep? 😂
I have photos, I'll upload them soon ☺️ No, no! I wouldn't do it to Foxy, I know he wouldn't like it at all. He's a very clean fox. I don't even think he'll use his nappy, but that's okay, to each their own 😉

@fussy_fox Faye won't use hers too, but she likes wearing it. And I like cuddling with another 'baby'😁

@BlueStar Foxy likes it too! And yeah, cuddling with another baby is very nice, I like it a lot ❤️ You had a great idea here!

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