Filo and me visited the espionage museum in Berlin this weekend, and Filo made sure I was padded.
He said that noone would ever see anything!🦊 And then he insisted on a nappy check on the toilet, although I was perfectly dry ... mostly😊

We had lots of fun and learned so many cool things ;)


@Littleivo & @jelle Filo and I even saw an Enigma machine in the museum too! I looks amazing (and now I wanna have one too😅) ... I would be a good sneaky spy fox.
The museum is great, but doesn´t look as fancy as the one you guys went😁

@BlueStar @Littleivo @jelle These machines are amazing, the whole story with how they were decoded is incredible as well. But I may be biased, give me any mechanical counting machine and I will squee from happiness 😁

@BlueStar it looks like you and filo has an amazing day out! Which museum is that? I don’t know the spy museum in Berlin. At first I thought it was the technical museum. Have you ever been there?
Filo seems to have taken very good care of you. Did you have a test when you came home? Jelle prepared a q and a for me!

@fussy_fox I’m the same! I love a good machine, especially one you can look at and figure out how it works!

@fussy_fox I don´t have a big affinity to machines, but I like the possibilites of how you can use them ;)

@Littleivo It is the 'Deutsches Spionagemuseum' (german espionage museum) ... the technical museum is a different one that I only walked by when I had my 10 km walk through the city😂 Have to check it out some day too.

Nah, he didn´t do a test for me. But he said I´m only allowed to get a toy from the museum, if I also take a book🦊

@BlueStar I’ll have to add that museum to my list next time I visit! Maybe you and filo can show me and Jelle around?

The technical museum is well worth a visit. They also have a store warehouse on the other side of the Gleisderick park, and in September they open it up to visitors, running a special train through the park. It’s quite the experience.

What book did you get? Have you read it to filo yet? Jelle says good fox for learning and having fun. @fussy_fox

@Littleivo @fussy_fox Hehe, sure. Filo liked it there and would go anytime again ;)

Yep, the technical museum is on my list, athough not high priority :P Other things are more interesting.

The book is 'Geheimsprachen' from Beutelspacher; it´s a short German booklet about ciphers and codes, on how they were used in history and today. It´s a nice reminder, but not going to deep into the stuff.
I just read the beginning so far😅 but will do the rest soon

@BlueStar @Littleivo @fussy_fox I remember as a kid me and my best friend had a « Geheimsprache ». We pronounced every word in reverse order. We had so much fuuuun with it 🤣

@Littleivo @BlueStar @fussy_fox As a kid every time my parents bought a new apparatus (like tv, washing machine, law’ mower, etc) I had to take it apart to see how it works or just out curiosity. 😊🤣

@chwefror21 @Littleivo @fussy_fox Hehe, my sisters would have killed me if I had taken apart the TV 😂

@BlueStar @Littleivo @fussy_fox Oh yeah, the were absolutely not amused 😒 But they didn’t « kill » me 🤣 I remember that I once destroyed the automatic transmission of my father’s volvo 340 wile playing bus driver. Well I can assure you that I felt that one 😲

@chwefror21 @Littleivo @fussy_fox Hehe, I rather stayed safe and not wanting to draw the wrath of my sisters ... and playing games on the TV was more interesting than dissecting it😁

@BlueStar @chwefror21 @fussy_fox hehe you were curious Cubs weren’t you! I was too - though I never took things apart. I was always the tool fetcher and bolt holder while my dad fixed things :) now I’ll do simple things like bikes and cars without too much challenge.

I never had a secret code speak like you @BlueStar :( I never had close enough friends for that :/

@Littleivo @BlueStar @fussy_fox Hmmm, simple things ? Cars and even bikes can sometimes be a real pain 😅

At that time there was only one close friend and to keep it that way we developed that speak 😉

@Littleivo @chwefror21 @fussy_fox Meh, I wanted to explore the world with the TV and my console instead of tearing them apart ;)

*whispers* you mean Chwefror, he had secret language codes with his friend😂

@BlueStar @chwefror21 @fussy_fox eep I got it all confused. Sorry :(

Hehe I liked exploring the world more than taking it apart. But I can be quite mechanically minded

@Littleivo @BlueStar @fussy_fox Isn’t exploring the same thing as taking apart mentally. 🤔😊

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