Filo and me visited the espionage museum in Berlin this weekend, and Filo made sure I was padded.
He said that noone would ever see anything!🦊 And then he insisted on a nappy check on the toilet, although I was perfectly dry ... mostly😊

We had lots of fun and learned so many cool things ;)

@Littleivo & @jelle Filo and I even saw an Enigma machine in the museum too! I looks amazing (and now I wanna have one too😅) ... I would be a good sneaky spy fox.
The museum is great, but doesn´t look as fancy as the one you guys went😁

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@BlueStar @Littleivo @jelle These machines are amazing, the whole story with how they were decoded is incredible as well. But I may be biased, give me any mechanical counting machine and I will squee from happiness 😁

@BlueStar it looks like you and filo has an amazing day out! Which museum is that? I don’t know the spy museum in Berlin. At first I thought it was the technical museum. Have you ever been there?
Filo seems to have taken very good care of you. Did you have a test when you came home? Jelle prepared a q and a for me!

@fussy_fox I’m the same! I love a good machine, especially one you can look at and figure out how it works!

@fussy_fox I don´t have a big affinity to machines, but I like the possibilites of how you can use them ;)

@Littleivo It is the 'Deutsches Spionagemuseum' (german espionage museum) ... the technical museum is a different one that I only walked by when I had my 10 km walk through the city😂 Have to check it out some day too.

Nah, he didn´t do a test for me. But he said I´m only allowed to get a toy from the museum, if I also take a book🦊

@BlueStar I’ll have to add that museum to my list next time I visit! Maybe you and filo can show me and Jelle around?

The technical museum is well worth a visit. They also have a store warehouse on the other side of the Gleisderick park, and in September they open it up to visitors, running a special train through the park. It’s quite the experience.

What book did you get? Have you read it to filo yet? Jelle says good fox for learning and having fun. @fussy_fox

@Littleivo @fussy_fox Hehe, sure. Filo liked it there and would go anytime again ;)

Yep, the technical museum is on my list, athough not high priority :P Other things are more interesting.

The book is 'Geheimsprachen' from Beutelspacher; it´s a short German booklet about ciphers and codes, on how they were used in history and today. It´s a nice reminder, but not going to deep into the stuff.
I just read the beginning so far😅 but will do the rest soon

@BlueStar @Littleivo @fussy_fox I remember as a kid me and my best friend had a « Geheimsprache ». We pronounced every word in reverse order. We had so much fuuuun with it 🤣

@Littleivo @BlueStar @fussy_fox As a kid every time my parents bought a new apparatus (like tv, washing machine, law’ mower, etc) I had to take it apart to see how it works or just out curiosity. 😊🤣

@chwefror21 @Littleivo @fussy_fox Hehe, my sisters would have killed me if I had taken apart the TV 😂

@BlueStar @Littleivo @fussy_fox Oh yeah, the were absolutely not amused 😒 But they didn’t « kill » me 🤣 I remember that I once destroyed the automatic transmission of my father’s volvo 340 wile playing bus driver. Well I can assure you that I felt that one 😲

@chwefror21 @Littleivo @fussy_fox Hehe, I rather stayed safe and not wanting to draw the wrath of my sisters ... and playing games on the TV was more interesting than dissecting it😁

@BlueStar @chwefror21 @fussy_fox hehe you were curious Cubs weren’t you! I was too - though I never took things apart. I was always the tool fetcher and bolt holder while my dad fixed things :) now I’ll do simple things like bikes and cars without too much challenge.

I never had a secret code speak like you @BlueStar :( I never had close enough friends for that :/

@Littleivo @BlueStar @fussy_fox Hmmm, simple things ? Cars and even bikes can sometimes be a real pain 😅

At that time there was only one close friend and to keep it that way we developed that speak 😉

@Littleivo @chwefror21 @fussy_fox Meh, I wanted to explore the world with the TV and my console instead of tearing them apart ;)

*whispers* you mean Chwefror, he had secret language codes with his friend😂

@BlueStar @chwefror21 @fussy_fox eep I got it all confused. Sorry :(

Hehe I liked exploring the world more than taking it apart. But I can be quite mechanically minded

@Littleivo @BlueStar @fussy_fox Isn’t exploring the same thing as taking apart mentally. 🤔😊

@BlueStar Looks like a fun and informative visit you guys had. You're so lucky to have Filo to remind you that you need to be padded for museum visits and that excited little guys like you need to have their diapers checked frequently. ☺

@mHabdl It was really awesome! And I can tell you, I wasn´t the only one padded there (there were lots of families, although the museum is not best for kids - much texts😅)

Hehe, yeah Filo loves watching over me, he´s really the best🦊

@BlueStar Cool. It's nice to know that we are never the only padded ones when we go out in public (and that many of them are over 1 m tall !) 🤷‍♂️

@mHabdl But you don´t see the big padded littles too often, I guess😂

@mHabdl Hehe, maybe they all have helpful little foxes dressing them🦊

@BlueStar Looks like you had a lot of fun ❤️ And it's good you went padded, you may have needed it a tiny little bit 😉

@fussy_fox Only just because Filo also made me drink a lot!😊 It was so much fun, both the museum and doing it padded ;)

@BlueStar yeah, going out padded is very nice. I don't go to cinemas often, but I really like to go there padded ❤️

@fussy_fox Hehe, cinema is beginner level😝 it's dark, and once in, you don't move anymore, so it very safe and nothing to worry about ;)
But I agree, since movies are getting way past two hours, going padded is awesome and helpful there

@BlueStar I know, but for the exact same reasons it's super comfy ❤️ Cinema is one of the places where you are almost unaffected by anything outside, not having to care. Long train rides are similar to me, you started a journey, but you're not yet at your destination. You just are. Which is probably why I like wearing on the train too 😂

@fussy_fox That's right, and as I said, it not only comfy, but also very useful in cinema.
Train ... yeah it's nice, but depends. For example when I'm visiting home, I get picked up at the train station, so wearing is not possible (and I don't like changing out in a train toilet).
But I noticed that it's also a lot of fun wearung in a museum, cos people just won't notice and it gives a little excitement too😁

@BlueStar definitely agreed on useful 😉
Yeah, there are better and worse times to do it, that's for sure. I rarely get picked up, so it was never a consideration for me. As for toilets, I had my fair share of changes in these. But on some newer I can't figure out the locking mechanism 😅 I'd never dare to change in these, unless in a dire situation.
Museum definitely is good. I went sightseeing padded a few times, but it was just pullups, so it's not as good as a regular diaper, sadly.

@fussy_fox Better pull ups than nothing ;) I don't trust these things, and also don't like them really.
I did changies in toilets before, and it's ok. But changing out of diapees in a toilet, with only wipes to clean up, I still feel kinda dirty (I prefer showers, or at least some clean water and soap)
Then again, in german trains it's not unusual that toilets are out of order😅

@BlueStar yeah, they're only good for very certain uses. They're not as good as regular diapers, unless you want to be discrete.
That's true, changing in a toilet is never super comfortable nor hygenic. But sometimes you have to do what you have to do.
Yep, same here... Long distance trains have one or two toilets per car, but commuter ones often have one. It's cool if the commute is 15 minutes, but here they often go over 1 hour. How does the staff hold it - I've no idea.

@fussy_fox Well, I have the benefit that I don't need diapees ;) but usually I forget to drink enough while traveling anyway, so no need to use toilets on short train rides ... going home on the other side (2-3 hs) is a different thing.
Ufff, I pity train staff, these days even more. From my commutes during my studies I know that they face a lot of stupid people every day ... I couldn't do that.

@BlueStar true. Thankfully I don't need to use them most times 😅 Yeah, short rides are okay, but my commutes were often half an hour to over an hour. Still, I much prefer train to a bus. At least there is a toilet.
That's true, I've seen my share too. I don't know how much they are paid, but it's definitely not enough...

@fussy_fox I really don't like buses ... don't know why, but they are less comfortable than trains😅 during my studies I had a 20 minute commute, and then change to other city lines ... while going home always is longer trips for me now😀

@BlueStar buses are almost always impossibly cramped during rush hours and sitting space is way less comfortable than on a train. They're made for like a 10 minute journey tops, but just as you, I had a 30 minute commute by bus to my school. It was very, very unplesant...

@fussy_fox Oh, for school I was mostly happy to take the bike. Buses for short are ok, but not for long ... too 'unstable' (like I can't read a book cos it's too shaky).
But well, better than having to walk😅

@BlueStar yeah, on the train I could finish my homework 😄 On the bus it's headphones, music, and trying to zone out

@fussy_fox Pro tip, headphones all the time to show people that they don't need to bother you with there bullshit OR headphones but no music to listen to stupid people talk😂 entertainment pur sometimes

@BlueStar true... I had some really stupid conversations before I just started wearing headphones all the time. It's way better to just listen and not have to be a part of it 😂

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