Had to try on my new dino sweater with a dino nappy ;)
Yes, it IS too warm for it, but it's new and it's incredibly cute😊
And my nappy was veeeeeery soggy this morning ... at least that's what Filo and Rena say.

@BlueStar what a cute little fox 🦊!
But, do you need a change now?

@Littleivo Rawr! I am dino! No foxy here🦖
Hehe, I needed one this morning, but Rena and Filo helped me get ready and dressed for the day ;)

@BlueStar Aww, so cute 😊 Drago loves your sweater 🥰 Minky agrees with Filo and Rena...

@chwefror21 Hehe, my dragons also love the sweater. Dinos and dragons are closely related after all😂
I know, they helped me get changed soon after.

@BlueStar That why he's called Drago (from Dragosaur)... He's from a mixed family ❤️

Well done Filo and Rena... 🤗 😊

@chwefror21 Oh, that's interesting background info ;) I thought Drago was a lovely name before, but now it's even better😀

@BlueStar I have a special bunch of plushies. ❤️ Minkey was saved from a street musician and well, Alf has his own WikiPedia page...

@chwefror21 Oh wow😀 I just get a plushie that I like, give it a name and the character develops over time😂

@BlueStar He’s a bit of a forgotten artist these days. We don't hear much from him anymore these days. Sometimes that makes him a bit melancholic 🥺 I always had a soft spot for plushies with a past 🤗🥰 Extra cuddles and hugs almost always helps to clear his mood 😊

@chwefror21 Yeah, can't say that I know him ;) I don't like plushies that already have a name/story. I wanna build that myself, want to make them truly 'mine' and have something very personal.

@BlueStar Long ago he was well known in holland. When ge tried to go abroad his career started to decline. Not so long ago i picked him up at a flea market and gave him a home. Sharing ones past develops a special bond ❤️

@chwefror21 Sure, it is a really nice way to see a plushie!
I still prefer to have a unique and new plushie that joins me on my road and develops a personality of himself😁
But as long as they can cuddle, every plushie is awesome!

@BlueStar I have a more they’re with me and we’re sharing our stories kind of relationship with them. 🥰 For example Drago was given to me by a friend when I left for the first time on a big trip outside of Europe. He said he was there to watch over me. And that’s what he did ❤️

@chwefror21 Aww, that is very sweet😍
I got Rena from my nephew, more or less by chance, cos he didn´t want her anymore (she didn´t have a name back then). So I took her, and she was there all the time since I started my studies. She´s really the best, and I don´t now where I´d be without her😊

@BlueStar Aww, that’s sweet 🥰 Minky came a year after and since then they both accompanied me everywhere I went ❤️ That’s also why they’re pocket size 😅

@chwefror21 That´s awesome! I have different sizes of plushies. Some stay at home and guard my stuff and protect me, other like Filo are smaller and can come travel with me. I really love to have one with me when I´m back home for example (since I honestly sleep very bad without them)

@BlueStar like you, I need them around me when sleeping. I feel safe and comfortable with them 🥰

That said, I’m going to actually try to catch some sleep in this heat 🥵 😐* yawns *, * hug’s you and the pack and wishing you good night sleep * ❤️ 🤗

@chwefror21 Yep, sleep is when I need them most, but I also like to talk to them when I´m feeling bad, or need someone to talk to.

*hugs to you too*

@BlueStar want to be a littlesarus like your big brother huh? 🤣

You look so cute in that 😁

@thatbabyboy I have bested you in being a littlesaurus already😝
I just wish I could wear it longer than five minutes😅

@BlueStar That is just too cute. ☺
Me, I've the dino diapy but not the cute dino top.
(BTW, Filo and Reno know a soggy diaper when they see one.)

@mHabdl Hehe, thanks you ;)
Well, you know what to put on your wish list then, a cute dino shirt🦖 But your nappies look so cool as well!

Sure, Rena is an expert on soggy nappies, and Filo is a fast learner🦊

@BlueStar Yes. I'll hint to my husband that I want a cute dino shirt like yours. 🐊😊

@mHabdl Dino or fox, both would be cute with your pocket nappies😊

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