Crazy how thick the combo Tena+Dubbler was this morning ... it was on the edge of falling down from the weight😅🙈

@BigBabyAlfie Not my fault! *someone* wanted me to wear a Tena ... any other nappy would have been waaaaaay better😊😝

@BlueStar @BigBabyAlfie 😝 but my little brother fox looks so cute in a Tena + doubler combo 😁

And no leaks so all is good 😄

@thatbabyboy @BigBabyAlfie That's only average cute! I'm waaaaaay cuter in peeks or crinklz or anything printed!
But you asked so nicely, how could I refuse?🤗
How should this monster of a padding even leak?😂

@BlueStar @BigBabyAlfie cos it was barely clinging onto your hips... You can have as much padding as you want but if it's not secure then leaks may happen 😆

@thatbabyboy @BigBabyAlfie That was only when I got up. For bed I wore a onesie to secure it😜 and the tapes of the abus are much stronger, too

@chwefror21 Nope, but the nappy was barely around my hips anymore ... these dubblers are awesome, I tell you🤣

@BlueStar Must be an awesome feeling waddling around like that.

@chwefror21 Couldn't waddle for too long, since I had to go to work, and the nappy was really heavy😊 but it felt great ;)

@BlueStar That’s a pity 😌 Nothing more heavenly to waddle around in thick and heavy morning diaper... ☺️

@chwefror21 True, but it was super thick yesterday evaning already ... and sleeping in them was great😊

Oh, and yay for raccoon. Watch out for Rena, she might wanna have cuddles now🦝

@BlueStar +10 for sleeping in an already soaked diaper 😅, sleeping in them is awesome, makes you feel so little ☺️

Raccoons are cute, we have real ones here in our forests. * opens arms to cuddle Rena * 🤗

@chwefror21 *Rena cuddles you and smiles at you diapee*
Yes, sleeping in them is the best😊

Awww, I wanna have a raccoon (never seen a free one unfortunately)

@BlueStar * giving Rena extra cuddles * This little orphan can do as he wants, such as sleeping in soaked diaper. 🥰 * also wishes there was a daddy or big bro to look after him 😢 *

They are quite cheeky and adorable at the same time. I see them regularly here. We have to put our trash bags in a sealed container, otherwise they make a huge mess. They’re also quite curious 😍

@chwefror21 Aww, you'll find someone eventually! And until then, you have a whole bunch of nice people and foxes here that'll look after you, talk or play with you🤗

Raccoons are adorable ... one of my favorites when going to the zoo. Hehe, yep they are super curious and take everything they can🦝

@BlueStar @chwefror21 don’t forget pups! 🐶

There will be people for you 🤗 but the current state of life makes it harder to find them ...

I’m still looking ... but part of the Fun of the search is finding all your new friends on the way

@Littleivo @BlueStar Yeah, pups are also adorable 🤗 * my dog is looking at me asking fir cuddles *

Yeah, this corona business doesn’t make it any better 😢 On the other hand there’s this wonderful community and all you wonderful littles and foxes and pups 🥰

@chwefror21 @Littleivo Don't worry, times will get better again, when people can go out again like it was before.
Until then, we're here and more or less all in this together🤗

@BlueStar @Littleivo I also played with the thought of going to an abdl meeting but it scares the crap out me. IRL social events with lots of people are not my strongest quality 😌 Hope this crisis goes away soon 😊

@chwefror21 @Littleivo Same here, I'm scared of big events, and I'm not too good with people at all, but I will definitely try. I want to meet some people, and that's one of the few chances! Also, I'd like to meet some of you guys, after we talked a lot in the past few months😊

@BlueStar @Littleivo Looks like a fine idea * thinking of a pick-nick with all the plushies and good food and drinks and playtime * 😊😊 * wishes this crisis was over *

@chwefror21 @Littleivo That would be awesome (and I think it's also easier in a smaller group🤣)

@chwefror21 @BlueStar that would be amazing! But maybe the distances might be an issue ...

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@BlueStar You look so cute in your super soggy diapy. (BTW, I would still love to see you in your cute foxy boyfur.) ☺

@mHabdl Hehe, thankies ;)
Oh gosh, it's already too much fur to see there🙈 I'm just too lazy to do it regularly

@BlueStar That must've felt equally incredible and super difficult to navigate around 😂

@fussy_fox Well, wasn´t walking too much, since it was really close to just drop down without onesie, but felt great!

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