@BlueStar hmm too pull the blanket off completely or back up for sleepies? Touch decisions for a little fox...

@Littleivo Same decision every day, and it's as hard as ever💤

@BlueStar @Littleivo I know which choice I would want to pick 😄

Hope you had a nice relaxing sleep

@thatbabyboy @Littleivo No real choice if work needs to be done😅 but until then I had a good sleep😊

@BlueStar @thatbabyboy I know which choice I would want to make. But I suspect it wouldn’t be the same as what I actually do

@BlueStar @Littleivo gah, big boy stuff always getting in the way... Making money so that we can buy more diapers 😄

@thatbabyboy @Littleivo yeah, other way round would be better ... wearing nappies to get money🤣 but actually I'm happy that I at least have something to do (last month were a bit tough, cos I didn't have anything useful to do)

@thatbabyboy @Littleivo yeah, too long at home is not the best for me🤣 I might get even more crazy than I am already🦊

@BlueStar @thatbabyboy begs. Yes you need to go to work or there will be a lot of wet beds! I agree it’s nice to have something useful to do. Nothing worse than busy work

@BlueStar that looks unbelievably comfy, I don’t know if I would be able to pull myself away if it were me 😴😴

@Fluffy_ears It was ...😅 and the current flexibility in my job doesn't do good in that regard🤣

@BlueStar Nothing better than snoozing in your morning diaper. Everything is warm and comfy around you. No better “sleep” than that one 😊🤗

@chwefror21 True ... but that's what weekends are for ... snoozing all day😝

@BlueStar Still some big boy tasks to finish, but after that it’s little time 😊🤗

@BlueStar aww, you're so adorable ❤️ If not for that pesky big stuff, I'd tell you to just go back to sleep. You look so comfy, it'd just be wrong to wake you up ❤️

@fussy_fox Aww, thank you!
Yeah it was sooooo comfy, but I had to get up eventually😅 (also, my nappy was soggy already)

@BlueStar Yeah, I feel this Monday to Friday 😟 A soggy diaper is no reason to get up though, as long as someone can change you and tuck you back in 🤗

@fussy_fox Haha, yeah that would be nice ;) so far I have to do that by myself

@BlueStar yeah, that's really the dream to be cared for by someone ❤️

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