Dinos in the morning also don't want to get up🦖 but Rena doesn't stop to shake us awake!

Today most of my plushies moved out of my bed. They are living together now in their cool plushie hammock, and they take turns in visiting me for cuddles😊

What is better than changing yourself?
Getting changed by the bestest big brother ever, who is also soggy😊

One of the many fantastic changes I got from @thatbabyboy 🥰

My big brother @thatbabyboy had me put in a thick diapee, saying it should last until tomorrow. Rena even has a second booster 'in case I need it'!
But I'm a big boy, so I won't need the second booster at all🦊😊

Diapee-gators, dinos, and dragons are all related, right?🦖🐲🐊

Fox in a box🦊

Is it a spaceship?🚀
Is it a boat?🛳
Is it a car?🚘

It is all I wants!

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Cold time means more blankies for me. Sometimes I wish I could just hibernate until it's warm, but then again, I don't want to miss out on Christmas and all the nice sweets😋

Had some drawing time recently😊

All characters and events shown in this picture are entirely fictional🦊🐾

My foxies helped me to put on a megamax with booster ... and since I'll stay in it for a while, they put a sticker on it to make it pretty🦊

If I go to the store, I might bring back unexpected things ... especially when there is a fox on it🦊

Blue got checked in the morning ... it was a pretty soggy night😊

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It's Halloween and this year I'm dressing up as a big boy 😆

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Date night tonight with @BlueStar where we make the same meal, watch a movie and play together. Here's my take on the dish, it was very yummy 😋

Big boys like me don't need diapees anymore, we got to wear big boy pants🤪
Also, Rocky rocks😊

Got padded thickly in a Unicorn with a dubbler. This soggy little fox was in need of a change soon enough🦊

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Decided to make a new group photo of all my plushies, since we had some newcomers lately😊

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