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Cold time means more blankies for me. Sometimes I wish I could just hibernate until it's warm, but then again, I don't want to miss out on Christmas and all the nice sweets😋

Had some drawing time recently😊

All characters and events shown in this picture are entirely fictional🦊🐾

My foxies helped me to put on a megamax with booster ... and since I'll stay in it for a while, they put a sticker on it to make it pretty🦊

If I go to the store, I might bring back unexpected things ... especially when there is a fox on it🦊

Blue got checked in the morning ... it was a pretty soggy night😊

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It's Halloween and this year I'm dressing up as a big boy 😆

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Date night tonight with @BlueStar where we make the same meal, watch a movie and play together. Here's my take on the dish, it was very yummy 😋

Big boys like me don't need diapees anymore, we got to wear big boy pants🤪
Also, Rocky rocks😊

Got padded thickly in a Unicorn with a dubbler. This soggy little fox was in need of a change soon enough🦊

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Decided to make a new group photo of all my plushies, since we had some newcomers lately😊

Coloured more pictures with my brother @thatbabyboy
Which one do you like more?
The cool finger painted, or the crayon coloured?🤪

Me and my big bwother @thatbabyboy had some fun with finger paint today😊

Closing the weekend with something I haven't worn for a long time! Tena maxi ... after wearing only printed diapees for so long, the Tena feels less like a diapee and more like underwear ... it's so thin and 'light'🤣

@thatbabyboy 7/7🤗

Spend the day as big boy.
Going to spend the night a little boy😊

Matty helped me put on my last camelot. Need to make the most if it and enjoy it. But I'll definitely going to get more some day😁

@thatbabyboy *boop* 5/7

Had a stressful day, so now have a relaxing evaning with Filo, a drink, and a bunny🦊

@thatbabyboy how about some cuddles?🤗

Rena said since I was a good boy recently, we could see if I can be big and stay dry over the night ... little did she know I already had some big boy juice, so I better stayed padded🤣🦊

Tuesday was dino day, big brother @thatbabyboy ! So I put on my dino diapee and got together with my dino and dragon friends, but then got distraced by something outside🤣
Had a soggy dino bum in the morning🦖

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