Closing the weekend with something I haven't worn for a long time! Tena maxi ... after wearing only printed diapees for so long, the Tena feels less like a diapee and more like underwear ... it's so thin and 'light'🤣

@thatbabyboy 7/7🤗

Spend the day as big boy.
Going to spend the night a little boy😊

Matty helped me put on my last camelot. Need to make the most if it and enjoy it. But I'll definitely going to get more some day😁

@thatbabyboy *boop* 5/7

Had a stressful day, so now have a relaxing evaning with Filo, a drink, and a bunny🦊

@thatbabyboy how about some cuddles?🤗

Rena said since I was a good boy recently, we could see if I can be big and stay dry over the night ... little did she know I already had some big boy juice, so I better stayed padded🤣🦊

Tuesday was dino day, big brother @thatbabyboy ! So I put on my dino diapee and got together with my dino and dragon friends, but then got distraced by something outside🤣
Had a soggy dino bum in the morning🦖

So, my big brother @thatbabyboy wants me to post my diapee of every evaning for this week😊 there will be a few of my 'last ones'; I'm currently reducing my stash to only have a paw full of different diapees.
Crinklz, however, is one of my all time favorites that will be in my stash almost always!

Toto and I played Switch all night yesterday ... I was so sleepy that Toto had to wake me up in the morning!
I'm still *yawns* ... not really awake😴

Can someone dim the light? Does the sun always have to be this bright??
How should I have a good sleep, when every morning I have to get my soggy bum out of my comfy bed?🤣

Oh no! Faye says that my pull up is wet! But ... but I didn't ...
Pwease don't tell my big brother @thatbabyboy!

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Since I have been a super duper good boy, my big brother @thatbabyboy allowed me to put on a pull up tonight! And Filo helped me put it on too🦊
I finally get to be a big boy😁

Nappy checks can happen anytime, everywhere🦊

Sometimes, a little boy even has to drop his pants out in the woods🙈

Ruby said I was too soggy for the night and got me on the changing mat. She was very caring and put me in a fresh diapee for the night ... but she put me in Bunnies! I'm scared she wants to eat me!🦊

Apparantly raccoons get a little soggy after a nice Sunday afternoon😁

This fox does not need changies ... I just lost my paws somewhere in the dark!

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It has been a while... Stitch certainly seems as happy as I am to be padded 😄

Filo said I could use a change ... he is probably right😊

Weeeeeeeeeeeeee new diapees, yay😊
Has been soooooo long since I last ordered!
And of course I had to try out one of them right after I got them😁

"I wanna pway outside! Can I, can I?"

"Yeah, but let's get you in a fresh nappy first, Blue."

"Wha- ... but I'm big! I don't need ..."

"There are no potties outside, so it's diapee for you. Go and have fun, and don't forget to make a nice photo."


Well, I did have fun outside, I did make some wettsies ... maybe it was good that my big brother @thatbabyboy kept me padded for play times🥰

My new friend Ruby tried out padding me😊
She really liked my dragon nappy, and even though they are thick already, she wanted to add a dubbler to it! And then she helped me put on my dragon onesie and close those super hard snaps that I can't do alone.
So far she like caring for me very much ... and I love cuddling her😊

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