My big brother @thatbabyboy asked me to wear my onesie all day today ... but since I don't want my coworkers to get all jealous, I put a shirt over it, so they don't see😁
Work day can only be good with dragons, right?🐲

One from right after change, two from this morning. I know, the difference is hard to see. I was told, only adults would notice🤔

My diapee when I started watching a new series VS. my diapee this morning after I finished the series😊

Took a whole team of experts and a pushing shark to get my bum out of my soggy nappy🤣

So I'm of course always a good boy already😁

But I promised my big brother @thatbabyboy to be an even better little puppy this week. Rena said she'll help me with it too!

Wruff wruff🦊
*happily wags my tail*

What's better than putting on a dragon diapee, sitting down with your plushies with a drink, and playing the new Monster Hunter?😊

Of course Rena and Milosch help me a lot🦊

Anyone else hunting?


Down-hearted, Blue went back to Earth, back home in the forest where he belonged.

He didn’t need another fox, he realized, when a friendly neighbour greeted him.

He didn’t need one of his kind. He was never lonely before, and won't ever be again.

For he and the raccoon became best friends for ever.


The planet was empty, a mere shell of stone and sand, but no home.

There was no fox, no animals at all, noone to talk or play.

It was a cold and silent desert that left Blue heart broken.

Was all he did for naught?

Was he destined to be alone forever?

Or was he blinded by the search for a fox?


Desperate to find a soul mate, Blue build a spaceship.

It was small and clumsy, yet it rose high above the sky.

The universe was wide and cold and dark, a frightening place.

But it also held many astonishing views on stars and suns for him to remember.

But Blue never lost track of his goal, the planet of his ancestors.


Once there was a young fox living in a forest.

He had a cozy home, and the grass was fresh, and all the animals were nice.

And yet he felt lonely, because under all the animals he was the only fox.

Not even the friendly racoon could cheer him up.

He was a fox after all, shouldn’t he have fox friends?

Blues evaning plans:
Getting nicely padded and doing my biannual Zelda - A Link to the Past run on my Switch😊

Wearing my safari, and Rena very thoroughly looked at just how soggy I was😊

*looks at my diapee saying 'Little Cub'*

*Blue uses special skill 'fox math'*

Little Cub
= Little x Cub
= Little x little + fox
= (Little x little) + fox
= (Big) + fox
= Big fox

Ha! My diaper says I'm a big fox!
Math has proven it🦊

*makes happy fox sounds*

Rena still checks my diapee eeeeeevery morning, even though we all know that I'm a big boy and don't need my diapees!

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Filin asked if he could use my phone to video call Filo... he was missing his plushie friends in Germany and wanted to tell them all about the exciting adventures he's on. 😄

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