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I dont know who needs to hear this today (besides me) but Little One, it's ok to be you. You are perfectly imperfect the way you are. And someday, you will find a Daddy who loves all of you for you, not someone who "needs" you to change to fit their fantasies.

I like that idea very much because it makes things like Harry Potter even more believable. I also already want to write a short story that completely violates those expectations^^. But I´m not yet sure how that´ll work out ;)
Btw., if you´re interested, here´s the link to the study:

Thanks to everyone who voted! Those results are super interesting. Here´s a little background: This year in a study people were asked to rank some magic spells for their difficulty in different paradigms (e.g. turning a frog or a cow to stone, different levitation heights).
People agreed that color changing is easiest and conjuring hardest (and levitation harder than color), indicating that most of us have a "common sense" for physics even when it comes to magic ;)

Doing a lot of reading and thinking about fantasy world building at the moment ... and I want to try out a poll, soooo let give it a try and combine both ;)
Which magical spell is harder to cast?
I´d like to know what you´re thinking about it😁

"And here we observe the common little (Adultus infans communis) hunting for it´s prey, the unaware plushy. With fast but precise movements, the predator sneaks up at the fox and performs an abrupt surprise snuggle, inescapable for the fox. It is only a dawn that the plushy might escape the warm grip of affection."

Time for a gwoup photo wif my bestestest fwiends ;)
Can´t imagine being without them anymore. I luv you guys😊

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I love seeing all the cute baby twinks, but I definitely wouldnt object to seeing more people posting about the non-abdl things that interest them. Would be pretty depressing were we all do monofaceted, no?

Starting with this little fellow ;) It just soooooo cute🦊
Lil Skyler
Character © Skylerkit (Twitter)
Art by Mochipup (Furaffinity/Twitter)

I think I´m going to start posting some of the faboulous art work that I found here and there (besides other posts) ... there is so much that needs to be seen^^

Feeling great today! What makes you feel more like you own the world than Mewtwo, some purple light, and a diapie for the night? ;)

It´s Rascals everywhere ... Still totally in love with those cute designs ;)

Got my potty licence, yeah! Well, more of a diaper licence😂 :diaper:

Compared Tena in size S and M recently ... I guess the M fit better😂 Size S I can´t really tape properly^^ Whatever, they´ll make good stuffers.

Chilling in my new second favorite shirt. Pikachu rules! (only charmander is better😁 )

Wet diapers in the morning indicate a good night and a healthy little boy😂

Maybe I rushed that boss fight way too early^^ soggy monster too strong for me, so I´ll better stay padded.

Rascals padding: ✅
Rascals PJ: ✅
Paw Patrol cape: ✅
Still dry: ✅ :baby_dummy:
This little hero boy is weady to face the evil soggy monster that is terrorizing the land of Somivar and its humble diapered citizens :diaper: Wish me luck, for only one shall remain dry in the end ;)

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