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Happy 2nd birthday 🍼🧁🎉
Thankies to @james and team @support for making this platform possible. This place means a lot to me and to a lot of people here, especially in these strange times. Seems like we won’t be able to meet up for a birthday party this year, hopefully next year for a 3rd birthday toddler party 🙃
Take care and stay safe! 🤗

@BabyMark awww no name for your pup he is so cute in th yellow qnd purple maybe he could be called Bruce

@BlueStar It's all about finding the little crinkly bit in the material folding under As you saw in the video and Then you do it on the other side as well Brand make the tape more centred in the landing zone and a little tighter than usual and have the front and back at even heights

@BabyMark I'm okay just got back from town and now im having a smoothie

@BlueStar I'll have to attach a picture or 2 and a video of how I put them on but I only have the 4 tape velcros at the moment but I'll still help you 😉

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