Wearing cushies for the second time now ... I like the design and they can take a good wetting, but I don't feel very safe with this 2-tape system. It just feels too loose around the hips and especially at the waistband. Well, Filo wil make sure nothing bad happens🦊

Is that 'normal' or do you have any tips on how to put them on better??

@BlueStar And I can help i love 2 tapes
There is a trick

@Blue1991 A trick that you apparantly don´t want to share?😅


@BlueStar It's all about finding the little crinkly bit in the material folding under As you saw in the video and Then you do it on the other side as well Brand make the tape more centred in the landing zone and a little tighter than usual and have the front and back at even heights

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