Wearing cushies for the second time now ... I like the design and they can take a good wetting, but I don't feel very safe with this 2-tape system. It just feels too loose around the hips and especially at the waistband. Well, Filo wil make sure nothing bad happens🦊

Is that 'normal' or do you have any tips on how to put them on better??

@BlueStar And I can help i love 2 tapes
There is a trick

@Blue1991 A trick that you apparantly don´t want to share?😅


@BlueStar I'll have to attach a picture or 2 and a video of how I put them on but I only have the 4 tape velcros at the moment but I'll still help you 😉

@Blue1991 @BlueStar I‘m quite happy with my two velcros diaper,fastened slightly downwards.

@chwefror21 Hehe, it´s not that bad. After retaping, it felt a bit better. (And I don´t have nice diapee tape😂)

@bilbo_uk Not really, I feel that neither the waist, nor the legs are fitting well, but instead it´s tight inbetween, but loose everywhere else ;)

@julian @Blue1991 Thanks a lot four your tips! Will try next time and see if it´s better. But I guess I won´t get them again😁

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