Tena Maxi, Tykables Doubler, fox hood, and tail (not well visible)🦊
@thatbabyboy, you asked for it, and since I´m a very good fox, I did it for you😊 😘
And don´t worry, I gave myself a treat already, and a healthy one as well!😋

@BlueStar @thatbabyboy 🥰🥰🥰🥰 yaaayyy mister fox wish blue could meet you

@Blue1991 @thatbabyboy Hehe, thank you ;)
Would be strange, if Blue (me) meets blue (you)😂

@BlueStar @thatbabyboy so cute it makes me sad ive still not meet anyone as no one lives close to me

@Blue1991 @thatbabyboy It´s especially hard these days. Where do you (roughly) live, if I may ask?

@BlueStar @Blue1991 @thatbabyboy aww what a cute fox! And eating healthy treats too! I have lots in my garden for you if you keep being good 🥕 🍅

@Littleivo @Blue1991 @thatbabyboy I'm always good! So I deserve all the treats you have!🦊

@BlueStar @BigBabyAlfie @Blue1991 @thatbabyboy I’m sure you’re always good Blue! But the definition of good may vary...

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