Our AC is out of commission so we are having to find ways to stay cool as Summer revs up. Today was 90f and the house got to 81f... Hopefully we can adapt and manage through the Summer as we don’t really have the funds to replace the unit right now.

That feeling like you have no one to turn to for help. Yet, it is compounded by the thought that it would be selfish and wrong to drag another person into your problems. So you sit and silently rampage through all stuff in your mind, looking for a solution... Yea, I know these feelings well.

My roommate is awesome! She got me these sheets for an early birthday gift!

A nerdy moment... Someone in my FFXIV Free Company took these shots of my character tonight and they turned out very good I think.

I want to be different, I want to be able to find the same passion in things that I once did. Life just seems overly stressful lately and I am jaded about it ever being anything different. I’ve struggled all day today with things that are hair-triggering frustrated feelings in my mind. It is petty stuff, and I can reason through it with some time. I’m very quick to anger and frustration lately it seems. Anyway, thought I’d post some kind of an explanation for why I have been so quiet lately.

I don’t know that I have an ounce of happiness lately. Nothing appeals to me, other than sleeping and binge eating on occasion. I’m sore and I’m tired. I know that no one can fix this for me, but trying to find the motivation to change anything seems utterly lost on me. There is just this feeling of wanting to sleep- to sleep forever. Which I know is not healthy but yet it is here and I am too. Sorry for the unloading of my thoughts and feelings, I’m just feeling particularly defeated.

In the uniformities of darkness
Where silence speaks
How I long to rest forever
My being at peace

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@Marshy @Littlebabydavy agreed! Using a lot of laxative sand suppositories, you might get very sick in the short term from dehydration and electrolyte depletion. Those can do some serious damage to your health, and they’re very unlikely to result in long term changes to your continence

Teeth are achy today. It’s making me feel tired.

For my fluffier babies, how do you like to tape up your diapers? What works the best for you? Personally I always adjust the top tapes to come under my belly.

That moment when you have to wiggle out of your diaper because you have to make a stinky, but your diaper is too warm and comfy to change out of it yet...

First diaper in weeks, not ten minutes in, and I already feel less icky and calmer. I forget how effective they are at helping me feel better.

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Looking at cute diaper butts and wondering, why can’t I be like this? This pretty much sums up my time on ABDL.link nicely.

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