went on a trip → didn't wear diapers → paid the price 🙈

Shhhhhhh. It's bad enough I decided to become a princess puppy for the night, but dun tell anyone I was padded abd super soggy hehehee.

My favorites: White disposable diapers or white cloth diapers and clear plastic pants. diapers pants

I forgot to share these here but I did a huge photoshoot of my own at a fomer job I was at. Still miss it cause it was perfect for me as a little.

Early this morning I woke up from a scary dream....

I'm sooooooooo thankful I have plushies to surround me and keep the bad monsters away.

Especially Dukey ^^

It's always weird when you take a step you've been waiting to take for quite a while, and then immediately shed the fixed views that held you back so long from taking it.

"Oh, I could have just ... done this."

Fortunately it's been ages since that type of realization bothered me for very long. Not crying over spilt milk in terms of could-have-beens is very much a skill that can be learned.

These days I'm more able to just be happy that I've finally cleared whatever I was blocked on.

Going through old pics. This one was at Midwest Furfest this year. Bought this suuuuuper adorable kigu! Onesie, shortalls, padded, and the kigu made for a comfy night walking around.

Where are my cubfurs at?

@Glennikit haiiiis I thought I recognized ya from one of the baby chats in telegram hehe

Tis a more recent pic session I did but I meant to post this here since in still new hehe.^^
Lemme know if y'all wanna see more!

Heyyos! ^^ How's it waggin? Im new to this place but I've been in the bab community for about 3 years now... wows hehe

Hope I can be goodds and hope everyone is well! ^^


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