Still at Tomkat Campout.. it's so amazing to see a bunch of littles running around in their little outfits or in just their diapers (nappies) .
Here's me today, it's a bit chilly, even if we are in June,

I was put down to bed early last night. Then around midnight was getting a diaper check. Woke up in the middle of the diapee checkies !!
Please let me sleep..... I'm tired 😴
Plus I'm a big boy and I'm dwy πŸ˜‹

Night night... time for this little to sleep after a fantastic day at Tomkat !!

At Tomkat Campout It's raining,.... that means lots of puddles to jump into 😝

Bedtime last night, and no you do not want to see the damage. Let's just say, I had to do laundry this morning.
Now padded in little builders !!!

My second to last SDK V1. I really love these. I'll be trying the V2 soon, I hope they are just as thin and thirsty. The v1 is a fantastic day diapee.

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@Little_StuStu also mummy spoon feed me baby food. Lucky it was quite yummy hehe

My friend ChrissyT made this. Let's get together and catch this monster.. Hee Hee !

I’m travelling to Fox Haven today, I’m sure , I’m not forgetting anything !

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Being changed by mummy.. as you can see I’m keeping her busy πŸ˜‚

Nothing needs to be said. Woke up soggy and got padded for the day ! Now off to the dentist.
I hate dentists, my jaw and mouth hurt for a few days afterwards πŸ₯Ί

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