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Our glow-in-dark wristbands will help your mommy and daddy find you much quicker when its dark πŸ™ˆ They can also be used as a nightlight that you can wear to bed and keep the scary monsters away when you're sleeping 😴

I'm spending Friday night watching TV, in just a diaper, TShirt and socks .

Throwback photos at the beach, from my first ever meet up with a daddy. That was sooooo long ago.
I remember it as if it was today. I was so scared (almost terrified at meeting him) and anxious and happy, all at once.
Oh! Daddy padded me and dressed me 😌!

This nappy, shows exactly how I feel. I want to go back to sleep....πŸ₯±πŸ˜΄

Do you think anyone will suspect anything seeing my phone cover??? @ibabycasper

If you ever drive by me on the highway, that's how you'll see me driving.. he he !!!!
Driving while using a paci/dummy, is really relaxing !

Corduroy overalls for the first day of 2020!!! The door with the Goofy hat is my room .. he he ! Happy New Year everyone !!!

New Year's Day get up !!!!
I love wearing tights over diapers. I think it's kinda cool , and keeps you warmer on winter days !

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The same procedure every year:


*firework starts*

Little: *sleeps heavily*

(Art by Wen)

It snowed today, so I went out to have fun !
I'm wearing my favorite winter pants. They are corduroy puppy pants.

I'm not excited.. it's my chastity device that's poking out. I woke up wet again.
Daddy said that if I pwomise to be a good boy, I could remove it. Well, I'll definitely be on my bestest behaviour !!!

This little boy is locked in chastity.
Being in chastity makes me a very obedient boy. I don't have a naughty or bratty bone in my body. I'm the bestest behaved boy ... he he !

Going from locked and wet to locked and dry :)

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