New Dino pjs and swim shirt with rash guard and UV 50 protection. I'm so excited !!!!

Waking up ! Still cold here, I put socks on in the middle of the night. My feet were cold. My bum was nice and warm..... *hides face*

Proper pants and, trying out the Northshore MegaMax breathable diapee. I like the feel of them. Already got one wetting and they feel dry. Hope they work out for the hot summer months. I'd prefer plastic backed, but they're not comfy when it's above 25 to 30°C.

This morning, I woke up 2 hours late. I usually prepare all my clothes the night before, of course, I did not last night.
I grabbed the first pair of pants that I saw, big mistake, I noticed once at work that they were the snap baby pants🙈. I hope no one notices at work 😵‍💫🤫😨

More protection was needed today!
I got wet within two minutes of putting on a lil monster.

So much fun being a big boy ! No need to look what's under the undies.. notin to see 😑

Took a long bath and now relaxing with my little friends! Watching an old series called Merlin.

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