I've got a cold and just came out of the shower, relaxing in these. Little Foxies 🦊

Baby Shark... Baby Shark
I found this one piece pj in the boys dept, size 16. I'm surprised I fit in them. Plus wearing Alpacas for the first time. Also found fluffy socks that I think go well with the pjs. What do you think ?

Okaaayyyy! So the Critter Caboose hold a lot, the tapes are amazing. I really like them , they fit well and, don't sag as much as others because of the sturdy tapes. I'm glad I tried them out. The only thing, is that the fluff does bunch up a bit in the bum area after wearing it for some time. It's not that bad tho, I've had lots worse.

I went on a diapee run, got a few packs.
I can't wait to try the caboose critters tonight.
I think they're very cute

My lil bro from the UK showed me this, I guess he's too shy to post the link. They have very very cool things and pjs there. I hope you enjoy that store.


I like the Looney Toons, my lil bro the Rugrats, but then again, he changes his mind every minutes. Little boys.. Geeze. 😂😝

Last night was coldish, 7°C , so I put my flannel pjs on. And my big boy undies as well, with a stuffer 😊

Does it show .. I'm sure you can tell that I'm a big boy .. hehe
Outside in my night pjs and padding 😝

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I'm ready to go shopping! I doubt I'll have any leaks, I added a stuffer/ doubler :)
Wishing everyone a great Sunday !

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Me and Jelle are packed and ready for our adventure as abdl.link starts its next chapter.

Thanks @support and @Pikachu for keeping this space going for our community.

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