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You get home full of stress. You just want to disconnect and push away the big thoughts. So you take a shower and prepare for bed.

You get yourself covered in baby oil, sprinkle powder everywhere and pulls the front of your thick diaper against your belly, taping it up snugly. You can feel it pushing your legs apart.

You put your pjs on, and pick up your plushie, cuddling it thightly against your chest.

You lower your head and slowly drift off to a night of rest and sleep... 😴

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My GoFundMe passed the halfway mark overnight after only 8 hours! Thank you all for sharing the link and/or donating. I'm very humbled by all of the support coming from the community gofundme.com/w26saw-help-dj-ge

Got new things today!!!! Cute little booties and a RAWWWRRR cloth diaper. Got to wash them first and then I’ll wear them this weekend !

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Me and two of my beautiful little boys, I have a beautiful family of boys!

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After a hard days work in school, daddy padded his little one up and got the lego out for him to play.

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It's important for everyone to understand this.
People won't understand what you like in ABDL. And some of you may be ashamed of loving it.
BUT remember than, even as a stress reliever or a fetish, you are not hurting anyone with this. Put a diaper on. Relax, no one got hurt. Wet or mess it ? The earth is still turning. See ? It's okay to be like this. If it help you with going straight into your life.
Don't try to change the world. Just create your own world.
(Share so little's see it)

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