I had a great time last night with another ABDL boy. He made me feel so little ☺️

Worked outside today, it was 1Β°C when I started with a high of 10Β°C. That's why I decided to wear my yellow tights !!!

Leak ALERT....Leak Alert !!!! To all the littles trying to be big boys, pull-ups do NOT hold more than two good wettings. 😰
I guess it's back to full on nappies ! 😞.

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Dear Santa, πŸŽ…
Please send me this T-shirt.
Love, Orion. 🧒

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A few friends .. they're trying to tell you, that I'm a big kid. It even says so on my TShirt.

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This made the rounds at work today, but I've been doing this for years πŸ˜…

Choices my big bro @Gcg93Todd had, he chose my vintage 8 yo Fabine Eklusiv Bunt nappy !
I now have 2 left of those !!! You got to wear them at some point, right? Or else, who will πŸ˜ƒ
# diaper

Good Saturday morning! Yawns and stretches... I think I might be a little wet 😳

Summer is over in my part of the world, but that doesn't mean summer themed nappies and onesie have to be put away !!!

Diapee check at work, yesterday ! πŸ™„Waste if time, I was dry πŸ˜‹

5 more minutes ...pwease. No m not wet..😳
Well my bum bum isn't! *hides*

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