Worked outside raking leaves and broken branches, since 6:30 am , now took a shower and just sitting and enjoying the sun.

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Happy Easter!! :blobpats:
Hope all Little's enjoy their egg hunt.
🐰 🐰 🐰 🐰 🐰 🐰 🐰 🐶 🐰 🐰 🐰 🐰

Good morning from this soggy boy !
Being lazy and watching cartoons on this rainy Saturday morning.

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so i wonder what people would say if i posted this.

So, I woke up dry this morning... I am very proud of this. I asked my big bros and daddy, if I could be in big boy training pants from now on. They said no, I was not to be trusted without diapers.
I think it’s just not fair... pouts 😤

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You get lay down, and your legs lifted. You feel coldness while your clothes are pulled off and when you are lay down again, you no longer feel the bed under you, but soft padding.

A fine rain of powder cascades, leaving you smelling all sweet and the diaper is pulled up and taped all snugly.

You sit up and feel your arms threaded through a cute shirt. You feel your socks and shoes being put on, and you get put down on the floor. You realize you are fully dressed now without any input on it.

Not feeling to good these days. I was in bed at 5:30 pm yesterday. I still smiled and tried to be little tho. Not that hot today either, but at daycare. Will be an early bedtime, tonight too.

Changed into these fox 🦊 diapers. Yes yes, that’s a fox 🦊.
Don’t mind the powder in my belly button, that’s where it goes, right right ?😸
Btw those are MyDiaper Ultra.

Morning sogginess!! These diapers held up very well!! I’m quite impressed actually. They also swelled up very nicely !

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