@BigBabyAlfie Whoa, whoa, whoa! Were's the diaper, little man? 😮

@thatbabyboy @mHabdl @BigBabyAlfie But Patch will keep Alfie safe ... if he says Alfie don't need a nappy, he's probably right😊
Hope that you don't get visited by the sog monster, though.

@BlueStar @thatbabyboy @mHabdl @BigBabyAlfie 🤔 we will have to see what patch says this morning... hopefully he won’t regret not making Alfie wear a nappy.

@BigBabyAlfie @Littleivo @BlueStar @thatbabyboy @mHabdl no it wasn't Alfie! Guys, Alfie wouldn't put on a nappy no matter what I said or did. I didn't get any sleep because I was so scared about what might happen. It's such a tough job looking after him

@patch_bear @BigBabyAlfie @Littleivo @thatbabyboy @mHabdl Maybe you need to be more strict woth Alfie from now on, Patch!

That not good Alfie! Not listening to Patch, and then lying to us. Bad boy!

@BlueStar @patch_bear @BigBabyAlfie @thatbabyboy @mHabdl do you see what your doing to patch, Alfie? He’s such a good bear and you’re driving him to distraction! I hope you listen to him next time, otherwise the results may be less favourable than they were last night...

@BigBabyAlfie @Littleivo @BlueStar @patch_bear @thatbabyboy Good boy. We were all quite worried. My husband and I might have to adopt you. My husband wouldn't let either of us try go to bed unpadded. 🚼🙂

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