I love trying on nappies I haven't bought before. I would love a pair of briefs with that design!

@BigBabyAlfie Oh Cushies!
Let me/us know how you like them two tape nappies (I don't really like them😅).
But the design and the colour is great!

@BlueStar I love the design and they're staying very dry 👀

@BigBabyAlfie You and dry? Same as me I guess ;)
I was really just asking about the two tape thing ... I always felt they were kinda lose compared to proper four tape nappies

@BlueStar oh aye they feel good at the minute. We'll see what they're like in the morning 👀

@BigBabyAlfie oh boy I love those Cushies as well! The colors, design and the 2 big tapes make me feel so babyish.

If you like them, maybe try the Kiddos. To me they feel also a little bit bigger.

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