Hey everyone! Sorry it's been so long but life has been very busy. Patch and I are going on a very exciting adventure. We're moving to Vienna this week! We'll be sharing with others temporarily but hoping to get somewhere on our own in the new year

I don't know what's happening. My nappy is all soggy and I didn't do anything 😢

Hey everyone I just needed to say this guy looks after and helps me a lot! When I'm being a big or a little and even when I'm sometimes a bad boy. Love you loads Patch! ❤️

New unicorns, which I've never worn before, and a new bib so how else am I going to eat my dinner? Also I think I've found my new favourite chippy and I need bigger plates!

Just put this on and the aliens are going to fight the sog monster

Gas safety check today and just checked for anything that shouldn't be visible. My dummy was in my bathroom! Can't wait until they get here and go so I can be little again

Oh no! I can't open the door! Patch told me this could happen but I didn't listen 😢

help! I drunk far too much whiskey last night! my head hurts 😢

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